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Where is the clipboard on my iPad?

The clipboard feature will allow you to store small amounts of data for use in the immediate future.You will be able to copy or move images elsewhere by pasting.

In this article, we will show you how to use your iPad clipboard for maximum efficiency and also where it is. Once you copy or cut anything to your clipboard, anything that was earlier copied is overwritten and lost.

You have a chance to paste the copied elements on your clipboard to different places more than once.

Where is the Clipboard on iPads?

The clipboard contents are saved in the iPad’s operating system. It is a virtual memory function on your iPad system so you can not view it openly. Editing it once copied is also not possible.

If you want to edit and manage your iPad clipboard, it is possible to create a shortcut to your clipboard. Once done, navigate to the clipboard, copy the content and paste in your Notes Application then edit.

To open the Notes app on your iPad, follow these steps:

  1. Use your password, Facial ID or Touch ID to unlock your iPad.
  2. Once open, you will notice a yellow notepad icon. This is the Notes app
  3. Click once to open Notes app icon to launch it.
Note Pads

What is a clipboard on an iPad?

The clipboard is an inbuilt feature on iPad tablets that allows you to temporarily save files you have copied before pasting them.

You can copy any kind of file that you want to paste elsewhere including images, text, and videos. Copying items to a clipboard for pasting will make your emailing or basic file move fast and easily.

This cool feature is not only found on Android tablets. Android and Windows tablets come with their own version of a clipboard that serves the same function.

One downside that can greatly slow you down is the fact that on an iPad, you can only copy one item at a time which can be slow.

Android tablets are more flexible and can select more than one item by simply clicking and holding it down. Then clicking once on the next ones.

To use a clipboard on iPad, iPhone, or MAC, make sure both your WIFI and Bluetooth are turned on. To turn them on, simply go to Settings > Bluetooth/WIFI and turn each on.

How to Work With iPad Clipboard

Basically, the main usage of the clipboard is copying or cutting and pasting files. Here is how to do it.

Where is the clipboard on my iPad?
Image Credits Brookebot Digital
  1. Click and hold a word to highlight it
  2. Drag the highlight edges to cover the entire word or sentence you want to copy or cut.
  3. Choose the Copy or Cut option.
  4. Cut will delete the text and have it copied on the clipboard while copy copies the text but leaves a copy on the original location.
  5. Open the place you want to paste the text. Click and hold then choose paste.
Paste Clipboard
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Copying and pasting images follows a very similar process.

Step 1: Open your file then click on it and hold.
Step 2: Choose a copy or cut image.
Sep 3: Open the desired pasting location
Step 4: Choose Paste.

Universal Clipboard

The iPad’s Universal Clipboard feature will allow you to copy and paste across all Apple devices seamlessly. Ensure both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned on: go to Settings > Bluetooth/Wi-Fi to enable them.
Managing Clipboard Content with the Notes App

How can I Manage clipboard on my iPad?

To manage multiple clipboard entries, you can use the Notes app. Here’s how:

  1. First you have to open the Notes App. Depending on your iPad version, unlock it either using your Facial ID, Touch ID, or passcode.
  2. Navigate to the yellow notepad icon and tap it to open the Notes application. Below is how it looks.
    Now you need to copy your text. Click and hold on the word you intend to copy. It is selected. Double clicking on it also achieves similar results. So it is up to you.
  3. Drag the highlight edges from left to right until your word is selected.Click on cut or copy.Your text is copied to your clipboard.
  4. To paste it, open the destination you want to paste the word. After that double tap on the area you want to paste. Finally choose paste.
  5. Copying and Pasting Images follows the same process.
  6. Open your file and click on the image.
  7. Select Copy or Cut as necessary.
  8. Open the destination you want to paste the file and choose Paste.


Understanding how to use an iPad copy Clipboard can speed up your workflow and accuracy when doing certain kinds of tasks that involve lots of data. The process when working on any kind of file is easy and straightforward once you understand.

A clipboard is not only found on iPads but can be found on iPhones, MAC computers, Windows tablets, and even Android devices.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you copy more than one item using an iPad clipboard?

    No, it is not possible to copy multiple files. You have to copy them one by one of the elements. If you however know how to use the iPad notes app, you can manipulate it by copying different sets of data onto your notepad, then the next ones on the same notepad, then copying all the files on the notepad for pasting.

  2. Where are copied Files before pasting?

    Copied files will not be visible because they are saved on virtual memory. You will only see them after pasting on the desired location

  3. Can I clean my clipboard once copied?

    No, once you copy or cut it is not possible to clean your clipboard. If you however copy something else before pasting, your earlier copy is overwritten on your iPad clipboard by the latest one.