What is the size of an album cover

What is the size of an album cover? If you are a graphic designer or music promoter, you understand that the size and proportion is important when it comes to album covers. You need the right size and proportions to share your album cover to different platforms without problems.

What is the size of an album cover?

The standard size of an album cover is 4098 pixels by 4098 pixels while a medium sized one is 1400 by 1400 pixels. These sizes are perfect for YouTube and most digital platforms. However, most designers on Fiverr will also share a back up size of 3000 by 3000 pixels just incase the 2 fail on any platform.

If you prefer the measurement in inches it is 57 by 57 inches, 19 by 19 inches and 42 by 42 inches for the back up size. What to make sure is that the size you use has a 1:1 ratio that is square in shape. The resolution has to be 300 dpi for clear viewing.

what is the size of an album cover
what is the size of an album cover

If you are looking for the best rap album cover designers to hire below is a list of the best you can hire.

  1. Shaheengraphic – Best cartoon Rap Album Cover Designer
  2. DenisMaina – Best Budget illustrated album cover
  3. dilshanfx – Best album cover art under 20$
  4. Srgear 20$ flat rate Rap Album Cover Designer
  5. Srdesign4u – Best album cover art under 20$ option
  6. toinggraphicss
  7. Zalmarlt
  8. Hisham
  9. Degeha

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