What is Digital Branding: how to use it to create an online business

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In this article, we will discuss in the detail What Is Digital Branding and How you can Use It To Create An Online Business.

Ultimately like any marketplace, money is the return or reward you get, when you solve someone’s problem. Creating a successful online business that makes money is not a make-money-quick plan but a journey to offer services that will solve someone’s problem. When you fuse this approach with branding, your Digital Brand now seeks to develop a reputation and loyalty from people as it continues to offer solutions.

This model is simple and straightforward for professionals who want to start a simple online business or small online businesses who want to expand their business online.

By the end of this article you should be able to;

  • Analyze your skills and services or learn a new skill you can offer as an online service
  • Learn a skill you can offer online
  • Create a Strong online brand
  • Create a place where you can sell your services
  • Find and Drive targeted Traffic to your Website

Digital Branding

Before we go to the definition of terms let me first explain the model we will use and structure our business. In a nutshell, the main concept will be to create content and spread it out to relevant people. Out of this large group of people online, we will be able to get a group interested in what we offer that will make our target group. We will then direct this person to a place where they can order our services and we can earn money.

What is Branding?

Simply put, the process and steps you use to tell your niche market Who you are what to expect from you, and why they should listen to you and take your recommendations. If you do this in a digital space or using digital means, this is referred to as digital branding.

What is a Brand Identity?

These are the creative things or elements that make the branding process come to life such as logos, social media a Website, colors, and other things that help in your brand communication.

Digital Marketing and Digital Branding

When defining digital branding, you need to be careful to differentiate it from digital marketing. The main difference is that digital marketing is sales oriented while digital branding aims at developing loyalty to a brand.

You may be wondering why we are talking about a brand while all you want to do is start a small online business. However, that small business done well will create your brand. As we start let’s mention the elements of digital branding. By the end of the whole process, you will understand each element and how it works for your brand.

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What is Digital Branding and How to do it right

Elements of Digital Branding

Below are the elements of digital branding.

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Brand Messaging
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing

We can divide these elements to 2 groups as per the purpose of our digital branding strategy.

For the purpose of Presentation and Identity, we will use a Logo, Website, and Brand Messaging
To reach targeted groups, we will use SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Online Advertising, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing

Online Business Model

This is what we will be creating.

what is digital branding
Digital Branding Model

We will attract clients and targets by researching and creating high value content relevant to our targets. After this, we will post it on our Website and drive all traffic to our website services page (Here is an example of a services page).

We will share our content in social media and sites like Quora and Medium. We will direct our traffic to our services page on our site where we will have a links to a freelance site where we will offer the solutions our targets are looking for.

Steps we will follow to create an online business

  • Step 1: Set up how we will get paid
  • Step 2: Know your skills and services you can offer
  • Step 3: Let’s work on your presentation
  • Step 4: Develop a Simple Website
  • Step 5: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

STEP 1 – Set up how we will get paid

First of all go to Fiverr and open an account. You can use any other freelance website you trust. I recommend Fiverr because it is what I currently use and it is great. Also, I will provide you a free beginner’s video course to start off.  Do not add any gigs for now we will come back to do that later but download the Free Fiverr course below. You will need it after we have finished setting up the business.

Step 2: Know your skills and services you can offer

The direction this step will take largely depends on whether you already know what you want to offer or not. If you already know what you want to offer, skip this step and go to the next section.

 If not, write down every skill you possess that you have intricate knowledge about and you can use to solve someone’s problem and can be offered online. Make sure it is a field you understand very well. This can be your professional skill or what you offer at your work place.

However, you can also learn a skill and start to offer the services from what you have learnt. For example, most of my Graphic Design and Digital Illustration skills are all learnt from online platforms mainly YouTube and Fiverr Learn.

When starting out i bought Adobe Illustrator Software and Photoshop for around 20$ each annual subscription.

Then i went to YouTube and randomly searched Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop skills. Then later i bought this 20$ Adobe illustrator design and Adobe Photoshop Mastery and i became a full designer and offered real services for a while now. I had spent a total of around 80$ and got a career.

If you do not want to spend too much however, here are some free simple skills i highly recommend you can learn and offer as services.

Join Animaker for free then offer Animation services

Animaker is a full drop and place animation tool that you can easily use for online animation and video editing. The tutorials are free and available on YouTube. The amount of services you can offer, is just unlimited. See the example video below.

Learn how to make a Lyric Video and offer it as a service on Fiverr

Narrow down to one that you like most from your list. You can use Fiverr categories to brainstorm. If you were unable to come up with one go to Best Gigs you can offer on Fiverr without any skills.

Step 3: Let’s work on your presentation

Now that you know what you can offer or have learnt a skill you want to offer, let’s create a digital brand identity for you. How you will present yourself will make or break your business. So it is important that you do it right.

Find a Name for your Brand

The first step is to come up with a name for your brand that we will use across platforms.

You want to make your name memorable and as unique as possible. However, it is important to note that It is the brand that creates the name, not the name that makes the brand..

It does not matter what name you choose because the reputation of a name is created through the things that you will learn to do in this article so do not dwell so much on the name. Big brands have unusual names that they have created a reputation for and we have perceived them as respectable brands.

For example, take a look at Google or Apple, the names seem irrelevant to the brands that they became. Again It is the brand that creates the name, not the name that makes the brand.

Start creating your Brand Identity: Logo and Social Media Kit Design

Your business at this point has a name. After this we will create a logo for our brand. You can either choose to hire a freelancer to do it or choose a DIY. Make sure to choose a freelancer who will offer a social media kit.

A social media kit will be used to brand your different social media accounts. You do not need the full social media kit but one relevant to which social media accounts you want to use.

What is contained in a Social Media Kit
1. YouTube – Profile Image and Cover Image
2. Twitter – Profile Image and Header
3. Pinterest Profile Image
4. Linked in – LinkedIn Cover Photo, Company Logo, and Background image
5. Instagram – Instagram Profile
6.Facebook – Profile Image and Cover Image
7. Etsy – Shop Icon, Banner, Profile cover

I recommend my gig on Fiverr because it offers a logo and full social media kit design on the standard package. However, you can also go for a Do it Yourself using Fiverr Logo maker. How to make a Logo in 3 simple steps

The main things you want to have is a logo and a social media kit. Overall, this can cost between 40 and 60$.

minimalist logo design
minimalist logo design

Step 4: Develop a Simple Website

We need a simple 3 page website. A home page, which will have our Gigs on Fiverr, A blog page, where we will post our content and a contacts page where you will have people reach you if they want to work outside Fiverr.

You can use free blogging sites, such as blogger but if you want better results and a solid identity, I recommend a WordPress Website. This also because, i will teach you how to monetize it through Affiliate marketing later in this article, like i have done in this article

For this step, you will either hire a freelancer to create it for you or you can also learn How to create a simple website for 24$ only here.

If you want me to do it for you just go to my contacts page and email me. I will create the site for you and link it to Google Analytics and google search console so that you can track your traffic and be crawled by Google. The two will help you track your website and rank your content higher on google searches.

All the traffic from your Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, Medium will be directed to your Website Home page where you will post all the Fiver Gigs you will make.

Step 5: Content

Now that we have an identity, a website and a Fiverr Account, we need to handle offer our content and drive traffic to it. Please pay extra attention because this is the backbone of this business.

Create Social Media accounts

As per the name you chose, create social media accounts. Make sure to use the same name, logo and branded social media kit across platforms. It is not a must to open all social media accounts but, the most important one is Pinterest so you can ignore the others. However it will not hurt to have them because they will increase your traffic.

Create High Quality Content

Create high quality, valuable and relevant blog posts on your Website. The content must be well researched and SEO optimized. I will show you how to do this in step 5.

Make sure that after doing your keyword research you:

  1. Set the purpose of the content you want to create
  2. Break the content to subtopics to maintain clarity
  3. Research wide on the content and relevance
  4. Make it appropriate, Valuable and Impactful

The content must also send people to your services page where necessary without overselling you. After posting the article on your Website first, you can share your content regularly to, Pinterest, Linked in and Instagram. Try not to be “spammy” 

Open a Medium and Quora account. This is a very important step because unlike the social media accounts, they will bring targeted traffic and from choice regions. You may wonder what I mean by targeted traffic. This means people who are interested and ready to buy.

Share your content with targeted Traffic using Quora

Quora is a question and answer platform where people ask questions and anyone answers. You will look for people asking questions that are answered by your blog posts. You will provide an answer to them from your blog post. You will copy sections from your articles and paste. You do not have to rewrite the answer and direct people to your blog to read more.

The main challenge with Quora is that when you appear to be seller oriented or putting affiliate links, your answer will be removed and nobody can see it. Putting Fiverr Links directly is also not allowed.

Let’s say I offer audio mixing and mastering services, and have a Gig on Fiverr about it. I have put my Gigs on my website homepage. I have also written an article on my blog explaining what is mixing and mastering.
In Quora, I will look for questions like “Where can I find someone to mix and master my song” I will go to Answer then go to my article and copy some parts maybe definition, what you need when mixing and mastering and places where I send people to my services page. I will paste this as the answer. At the bottom and top, I will put the title of that specific article as a link saying You can check out great mixing mastering on this article. This way your answer will not be removed.

The traffic you get here will be very important because you will get rich traffic that is looking for what you are talking about or offering.

Share your content with targeted regions on Medium

After you post an article on your Website, go to Medium and paste the whole article on medium as a post on your account and have links to your Website Services and Blog page. As you post the article, make sure to go to settings, advanced on Medium and paste your original post link as a canonical link so that google knows the post on medium is not original but the original is a post on your site. The reason for doing this is because, Medium articles rank very well and easy on google without  too work on your part.

The main advantage for this is that most Medium gets millions of traffic online. This means more eyes on your articles and clicks to your website and services. Furthermore, most of Medium users are USA citizens. USA citizens form the biggest buyers on Fiverr than any other country so they are a large number of people used to buying online. Here is a map of all my sales on Fiverr in 2020.

Fiverr Sales 01 1
Fiverr Sales 2020

This will be used to push your content and find potential clients. Put your banners and logo designed in the previous step.

Learn and Apply new methods for Business Lead Generation

You are not limited to the above methods for Lead Generation to your content and business.

digital branding
Credit to Digital branding institute

For more info on this go to digital branding methods for lead generation.


By now, you have dealt with half of the elements of a digital brand. You have a brand at this point and it is set up to earn, you just need to keep posting relevant content on your Website.

The next part of this article, you will learn how to take your website to the next level and increase the traffic and earning potential. In this part of this guide you will learn:

  1. SEO – Keyword Research
  2. Email Marketing – Collecting a mailing list free
  3. Affiliate Marketing – Setting up your website to earn more
  4. Website Traffic Analysis

Step 6: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Before you create your content, you need to carry out research on which type of content is most relevant or is being searched for by your target groups. You need to carry out keyword research with your audience in mind. You want to find high search volume plus low competition keywords and create content around them. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

Miles Becker explains exactly how to do that in this video. Do the same but remember you are selling a service and your content needs to be relevant to your field of expertise. However, same concepts apply.

When you create content and put on your site, people will not automatically see it. You need to make sure that Google robots can crawl your site. To do this your site needs to be verified on google search console. If you hire me to create the site for you i will have it verified and show you how to use search console. Just go to Contact and email me.

If you want to DIY check this video by Google search central

Remember to subscribe by downloading this free course.

Course 01


How do you do digital branding?

Digital branding is a diverse process that involves different aspects.

  1. Identify your skills and target niche
  2. Develop an identity ie a logo and Website
  3. Create your brand message i.e. Who you want to present yourself as.
  4. Grow your online presence
  5. Reach more clients and targets through Social Media
  6. Continuously give value to your target.

Why is digital branding important?

Digital branding helps a brand develop loyalty from an online community who will result to creating relationships that result to more business and collaborations in your field of expertise.

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