Walmart logo history and evolution

Walmart logo was originally designed in 1962. Just like many big brands, it has evolved to become a notable and memorable brand symbol. Today we will have a look at the Walmart Logo, its meaning, history and evolution.

As a backbone to this article we have previously covered 2 articles, what makes a good and bad logo plus minimalist logo designs explanation. Both will help you understand some key features and use of design elements in the logo.

Current Walmart Logo
Current Walmart Logo

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Walmart Logo elements

You simply have the word Walmart, written in the simple Sans-serif font followed by six sparks that symbolize innovation and inspiration.

Additionally, you are reminded of Sam Walton, the founder, who believed in himself and his innovation.

The reason for using Myriad Pro-Bold font is because it is simple and concise. It is quite available free to everyone.

When it comes to color, the word Walmart is in medium blue, and the sparks are in yellow. You will find a darker blue in their branding but the medium blue is the official color.

The Walmart logo has evolved with time since the 1960’s.

In those days, businesses were fully named after the owners, but Sam Walton shortened the name and benefited from signboard cost reduction.

This also rhymes with Walmart’s business principle, low prices with a wide range of goods. This was a great idea since one would enter the shop and get anything they wanted and more at affordable cost prices.

When it comes to the current design, you can see the minimalist approach that makes it easy to remember for customers.

Walmart Logo History and Evolution

Walmart Logo Evolution
Walmart Logo Evolution


The original Walmart Logo was designed in 1962 and has played a large part in the design currently used. However, there was not much to the design, as it simply consisted of the word 

Walmart in a spacious font and a darker shade to the current blue.


The logo change after 4 years might have come fast, but the 20 years the successor lived, proves it was what they were looking for. It was a black rougher font and the unique feature was the hyphen that separated the “Wal” from”mart”.


Although this was just for advertisement and a discount city mark, it featured the above logo with an inclusion of words to lure customers. It however was not for official purposes.


After 20 years, another change was made, with a whole reset from the color font, but the hyphen between remained,though in a different font.


In 1992, there was a change in the logo’s color to dark blue and a star replaced the hyphen in between. This logo design is still seen in north-american stores as transition to new logo design is still ongoing.

2008 – To date

The current logo arguably the most significant, with the words brought together with no hyphen nor star between and in addition, 6 spark on the end of the word.

Moreover, the font is changed to a simple Sans-serif font , with a slight fade to the previous blue.

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