Wacom One Review: The Best Tablet on a Budget

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If you are a beginner or on a budget, then you must be wondering which is the best tablet for you that is both efficient and economical. The Wacom One is one of your best options. In this article we have compiled a detailed Wacom One Review to help know whether it is your best option for a budget tablet.

Since it is easy to confuse the Wacom One and the One by Wacom drawing tablets, let’s make it clear that they are two separate products.

The One by Wacom falls under the category of Pen tablets, which only offer a stylus and a drawing surface. Wacom One on the other hand provides you with an additional screen on the tablet, hence are under the category of Monitor tablets/Pen display tablets.

However, the Wacom One is not a standalone tablet. It is dependent on a computer connection for use since it lacks an inbuilt computer system. If you are looking for a Wacom standalone tablet, you can check out the Wacom Mobile Studio 13 or the Wacom Mobile Studio 16.

Wacom One is compatible with both Windows, macOS operating systems, and Android devices, making it versatile for a broad range of users.

Wacom One Review

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Build and Design

The Wacom One has a panel of 11.6 by 6.5 inches and a diagonal screen size of 13.3 inches with a 1.25-inch bezel around the tablet. This size is standard since you get both a large enough working area and the drawing tablet is small enough for portability.

Portability and mobility are made better courtesy of a lightweight build of 4.5 lbs allowing you to move around with the tablet.

The Wacom One lacks shortcut buttons which most monitor tablets and standalone tablets prefer. However, with a little chipping in for the bundle that includes the Wacom’s Express key that offers you 17 customizable buttons and a touch ring.

A loop cloth on top of the tablet plays the role of a pen holder, and on its side are a USB-C port, power button, and a single LED.

Two fold-away feet at the back pop out to offer a slight 19-degree angle position to the tablet and in between the tablets are three extra pen nibs.

Screen and Display

Wacom One Review
Source: Wacom.com

A 13.3-inch diagonal screen features a quality 1920 by 1080 pixels full HD. This reveals a crisp and quality display with the IPS technology making it better by unveiling a 72% NTSC color gamut and 200 nits of brightness.

Additionally, the Wacom One includes an anti-glare and texture coating that reduces transparency and enables the pen to interact nicely with the screen.

One setback of the Wacom One screen is the lack of a full Laminated screen that brings the touch-sensitive layer closer to the underlying screen. In doing so, the distance between your pen and the sensitive screen is made smaller, thus reducing parallax.

This is important for drawing since a 1mm drift caused by parallax is a large setback in detailed artwork and drawing.

Wacom One Stylus pen

wacom one pen stylus.jpg
Source: Wacom.com

Wacom has a reputation when it comes to quality stylus production and we have witnessed this by top companies like Samsung seeking pen-production knowledge.

However, for the Wacom One, you are provided with the Wacom pen and not the premium and authentic Wacom Pro Pen 2. In turn, the pen holds a pressure sensitivity level of 4096, lower compared to the Pro Pen 2’s 8192 levels.

This large difference has an impact but due to the company’s unique pen build, the pen is quite effective in achieving a natural and authentic drawing experience.

The stylus is battery-free and features one button on the side. However, it lacks an eraser meaning the button is meant to be configured as an erase.

Additionally, the stylus is built for comfort, courtesy of an ergonomic build, with a cylindrical rubber input. This enhances long working hours with minimal fatigue and exhaustion.


The Wacom One is a lovely monitor tablet that features quality features at an affordable price tag.

The small size and lightweight build enhance portability and mobility allowing you to move around with the drawing tablet. This means you can use the tablet both at home and in your office efficiently.

Compatibility with additional Android devices is not a common inclusion in drawing tablets in its category, and it adds an inclusion of Android preferring users.

Regardless of all these quality features, the Wacom one has its setbacks including a less effective Wacom pen compared to the rated Pen Pro 2.

Moreover, despite featuring the IPS technology, the fully Laminated display would have added a little premium touch to the drawing experience.

However, since the Wacom One is an entry-tablet, it is quite effective for the budget-friendly price it comes with.

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