Wacom cintiq 13 vs Huion kamvas 12 Comparison

Today we will compare 3 drawing tablets that have an inbuilt screen and are suitable for both beginners and professionals. We will compare Wacom Cintiq 13, Huion kamvas 12 and Xp-pen Artist 12

Wacom and Huion products have over the years produced market-rated products. As Wacom mainly concentrates on Standalone tablets, Huion has specialized on drawing tablets with screens and also a few budget-friendly standalone tablets. Another company that has come up to rival the two is X-Pen.

XP PEN however has not come up with any standalone tablet of their own. Their products comprise basic Drawing tablets and Drawing tablets with screens. This simply means their products depend on a computer to function.

In this segment, we shall highlight three Drawing tablets with a screen from each of the companies. The goal is to get you to choose which serves you best between the Wacom Cintiq 13, the Huion  Kamvas 12, and the Xpen 12. This is in terms of price, compatibility and most importantly the features.

Wacom cintiq 13 Pen Display Review

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 Having been in the market since 2013, alot of disadvantages have been covered over the years. It falls just at $500. The fair price makes the Wacom Cintiq 13 a great professional but still budget friendly drawing tablet with a screen.

Screen and Display

The  Wacom Cintiq 13 comprises of a 12.1 inch diagonal screen. Being the smallest size in the Cintiq series, the Cintiq 13HD is easily portable and you can move around.When it comes to the the screen, the tablet offers a 1920 by 1080 of screen resolution with a 178 viewing angle. Additionally, providing a 16.7 million colors gives you a color breakdown with at most accuracy providing an impressive display and visual.


Wacom are mostly famous for their stylus and the Cintiq 13HD  doesnt disappoint. The Wacom Pro pen is quite comfortable and with a pen pressure sensitivity of 2048 you are guaranteed a great experience with both presion and accuracy. Moreover, the Cintiq13 supports tilt recognition enhancing sensitivity on your brushes and shading.

shortcuts Keys

Exhibiting 4 customizable Expresskeys gives a designer the ability to retain his shortcut habits for a faster and effective productivity. This is further made better by the Smart multi-touch control which allows easy pan, zoom, navigate and rotate for a faster workrate.


The drawing tablet  basically has a sensitive surface and a screen hence a computer connection is needed for designing needs a program to work. Inorder to install a program or a software an operating system is further needed. Since a Drawing tablet with a screen lacks an operating system, a computer connection is further needed for the programs to be installed and run. When connecting the Cintiq 13HD to a computer is easy as you only need the provided 3-in-1 cable. This cable allows a less wired connection for a cleaner, unssofisticated desk connection.


  • Easily portable
  • High levels of screen resolution for an impressive displays


  • Low pen pressure sensitivity.
  • Quite expensive

Huion kamvas 12 Pen Display Review

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When it comes to price, Huion have a way of producing quality tablets for a budget friendly price. The Kamvas 12 price falls just below the $200 dollar mark and when you consider the features in this tab, its quite a steal.

Screen and Display

The 11.6 inch diagonal screen size might sound small, but most designers love it like that for mobility and portability.  Exhibiting a screen resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels worth of screen resolution, enjoy a clear display and an impressive representation of images.

 Colors on the other end are well displayed courtesy of 16.7 million color recognition and a 120% RGB gamut. Another advantage on the screen is it holds a high response rate of 220PPS offering a fast detection of your pen.

Additionally, having a full laminated screen and an anti glare surface, parallax and transparency  are eliminated for a cleaner view.


Huion’s PW517 stylus is one effective pen due to the Huion pentech 3.0 technology. The technology is powered with a capacitive pressure sensor optimizing the pen response ability. It is further made better by an 8192 pen pressure sensitivity with a resolution of 5080LPI. The experience is made canvas-like by the sensitivity level offering you easy interaction with your design.

Supporting tilt function in turn gives you 60 degrees control of you designs when it comes to brushes and shading.

Shortcut Keys

Shortcuts play a great part in enhancing productivity and with 8 customisable buttons, the user is able to improve workrate due to fast navigation. Additionally, the pen has 2 more buttons for an eraser and pen switch.


Connecting to a computer is easy as you can either use the 3-in-1 cable or a full-featured USB cable both reducing excess wire connection from your desk.


  • High levels of pen pressure sensitivity
  • Quality pen features
  • High-definition screen display.
  • User-friendly features like the availability of customizable keys.


  • The anti-glare technology lacks the normal scratch free feature.

Xp-pen Artist 12 Pen Display Review

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The Xp-pen Artist 12 is a sleekly designed drawing tablet with screen exhibiting awesome list of features. This features are quite impressive for a tablet of its budget. Being one of the smallest XP-pen tablets, the tablet is great for a designer working at home and still using the tablet at the office.

Screen and Display

Exhibiting the IPS technology, the tablet’s screen has parallel aligned liquid crystals producing a rich display of colors. Additionally, the display is made better by a quality screen resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels HD. A 72% NTSC with a 100% RGB color gamut. This in turn make your colors stand out with perfection. Moreover, there is more clarity enhanced by a pre-installed anti-reflective screen technology to transparency.


The Artist 12 functions with the battery free PNO6 pen enhancing your creative world to the maximum. Holding  8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity, the pen offers you an experience like no other, with more clarity and precision.in consideration oflong working hours, the hexagonal built pen is extra comfortable for less fatigue andmore productivity.


When it comes to shortcuts, you can fasten your productivity with 6 customisable buttons on the Artist 12 tablet. The tablet then makes sure your shortcuts are attuned with all the programs you use for a more user friendly functionality.

Additionally, there is a a slim touch bar responsible for scrolling up and down as well as zoom in and out.


Connect the tablet with your PC through a provided 3-in-1 cord for an organised wire filled desk. The tablet is compatible with various operating systems including Windows and MacOS.


  • High Level of pen pressure sensitivity
  • Quality stylus features
  • Quality HD display
  • Transparent screen feature for even the brightest conditions.


  • Quite stressful setting it up


Following the above breakdown, you can easily tell the Kamvas steals the show when it comes to the budget. However, the features can be quite challenging to separate but you can choose in accordance of your needs and requirements.

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