How to ungroup in Illustrator in 3 easy ways

After using Illustrator for a number of years now, I have found grouping a very useful way to keep your work neat and organized. Sometimes however after grouping, you may realize that some grouped objects do not work well together or you might need to edit them separately. You have to therefore ungroup them before working on them.

In this article, I will show you How to ungroup in Illustrator. There are 2 easy ways that you can use to ungroup objects. Here is How.

How to Ungroup Objects in Illustrator

The easiest way to ungroup is by selecting the grouped objects and then clicking the shortcut keys Shift + Control G. The objects will be ungrouped and you can move or edit each separately.

Alternatively, you can right-click on the grouped objects, then choose the ungroup option. Finally, you can also ungroup by going to the top menu Object>Ungroup with the object selected. 

For example, if you want to move or change the colors on the below group of circles, just select the group using the Selection tool shortcut V. You can now move and change colors on each of them. 

ungroup in Illustrator

How to Group in Illustrator

Once you change and move and everything is now ok, you may want to group the objects again.

ungroup in Illustrator

To group objects, just select all of them and click Control + G. Alternatively, just like the ungroup option, you can go to Object>Group on the top menu.

You can also select all the objects you want to group then right-click on one. Choose the Group option.

What is the ungroup shortcut in Illustrator?

For Windows systems, the ungroup shortcut is Shift + Control + G. On a MAC, Shift + Command + G

How to ungroup text in Illustrator?

Before ungrouping texts, you have to first convert the text to an outline. Here are the steps: How to ungroup text.

  1. Select text and click Shift + Control + O on Windows or  Shift + Command + O on MAC to outline text.
  2. Click Shift + Control + G or Shift + Command + G on a MAC to ungroup the text

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