How to type on a path in Illustrator in 2 Easy ways

In this article, I will show you How to type on a path in IllustratorUnderstanding this process can be very useful when you are trying to curve text or wrap it around a shape.

How to type on a path in Illustrator using the Shape tool

For this example, we will be using a circle path.

Step 1: Go to File>New to create a new project. Shortcut Control+N on a PC or Command+N on a MAC system.

Step 2: Create a Path object. You can either do this using the Pen tool or create from the shape tool.

How to type on a path in Illustrator

Step 3: For this example, we will use an ellipse. Select the shape tool and drag to draw an ellipse shape. You now have a path for your text to follow.

Step 4: Now we need to create the text we need to type on the path. Select the type tool and click on the artboard to type the text. You can set the font that you want from the font drop-down menu.

type on a path in Illustrator

Step 5: Select the text you have just typed and cut it with the intention of pasting it later. You can use the shortcut Control+X on PC or Command + X on Mac.

Step 6: Click and hold on to the text tool to bring up text options. You will see the type horizontal and type on the path. Choose Type on Path.

type on a path

Step 7: Click on the path that you want to type on and paste your text by clicking Control+V. Your text will appear along the path.

Step 8: If you wish to edit the text, go to type>type on path>type on path options. A pop-up menu will appear. Use this panel to edit your text.

How to type on a path in Illustrator using the Pen tool

If you want to type the path tool on a custom path, you will follow the same process but the only difference between the processes is how you create the path.

Step 1: Create a new file. Ctrl+N on a PC or CMD+N on a MAC.

Step 2: Choose the Pen tool and click once to create a point and another point to create a second point.

How to type on a path in Illustrator using Pen tool

Step 3: To create a curve, do not release your mouse when you click the second point. Simply drag on the direction you want to curve.

How to type on a path in Illustrator

Step 4: Click and hold on to the type tool to bring up the type on path tool. 

Step 5: Click once on the Path and type your text.

That is it you have successfully added text to a path. If you have any questions, just contact us or comment on this post. Alternatively, visit the sidebar on this article for a link to a full Adobe Illustrator Course that will help you learn all this and more.

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