The Best iPad accessories for artists

Getting the best tablet is the first step for an artist to improve their workflow. When you choose a premium tablet like the iPad 12.9 inch or any other iPad, you can greatly improve your output by adding the Best iPad accessories for artists to your process.

Accessories are great but you do not really need to get all that is available in the market but those specific ones that work for you.

Do you really need Accessories?

In my daily art and drawing, I use Accessories on a drawing tablet for 2 alternative reasons. One is to protect the tablet from damage and make it more durable. The other reason I use accessories is to achieve comfort and a good user experience that in turn interprets high-quality work.  

Best iPad accessories for Artist’s Comfort and user Experience

  1. Drawing Stand – Sketchboard Pro Stand for iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd – 5th Gen)
  2. Drawing Glove – OTraki 4 Pack Artist Gloves for Drawing Tablet Free Size Artist’s
  3. Shortcut Keys – PenPad for Procreate
  4. Keyboard – Magic Keyboard iPad Pro
  5. Apple Pencil
  6. Projector

Sketchboard Pro Stand for iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd – 5th Gen)

Best Drawing Stand for iPad Animation

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Drawing and most creative careers are often time-consuming. It is very tiresome to have to hold your tablet with one hand and draw with the other.

Placing it on the desk or lap is also not ideal. A stand makes for a comfortable, natural paper-like feel that will surely make your long working hours and art life a little more comfortable.

It features two tilt stand legs that allow you to choose your layout between both portrait and landscape positioning for your artwork.  

Best Drawing Glove for artists

Best Drawing Glove for iPad

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When drawing, sometimes your hand gets a little sweaty. Contact with the screen surface makes it moist and slippery. The sweat on the hand also affects your grip on the pen which can also slide as you draw. To avoid this, it is necessary to buy an artist drawing glove that will be in contact with the screen instead of the bare hand.

It comes as a 2 finger hood where you can insert the little and ring finger plus a section of your palm. These are the sections that get in contact with the screen.

You can use one either on the left hand or right hand and do not need to buy a different one if you are left-handed.

Shortcut Keys for iPad Pro

Customizable shortcut keys are an easy way to speed up your workflow. You can set any shortcut you use regularly and assign it a shortcut key that you can easily go to.

If you are used to Wacom tablets, you are familiar with a separate set of shortcut keys that are not attached to the tablet. For a similar experience and speedy output on iPad Pro, Shortcuts Pen Pad for Procreate is a great addition.  

Magic Keyboard iPad Pro

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Just like some other creatives, artists also need to do some typing as part of their work. For instance, when sharing your work or portfolio online or on social networks.

A keyboard will also be good to set up some repetitive shortcuts that you use when drawing. As mentioned earlier, keyboard shortcuts will go a long way to speed up your workflow.

You can choose a wired keyboard but a wireless one will make for a better user experience.  

Best Apple Pencil

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Like most other tablets we have reviewed, a good pencil is necessary for a good user experience when using your iPad Pro. We recommend the Apple Pencil 2nd generation for artists and painting.

The Apple Pencil 1 is also good but you need to check which of the 2 is compatible with your device.   If you are on a budget, however, there are some good alternatives for Apple Pencil 2 and Apple Pencil 1 that you can buy without necessarily spending too much.

For the best Apple Pencil alternatives, we recommend Adonit Note+, Stylus Pen for iPad and Logitech Crayon Digital Pencil for iPad Pro 12.9-Inch.

Best Projector for iPad

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Although not particularly a must-have, a projector is useful for various uses especially if you will need to present your work life to people and clients to critique and explain.  

Best iPad accessories that protect your device

iPad tablets are not cheap. You, therefore, need to protect them so that you can use them for a long before having to replace them.

We have looked at iPad accessories that ensure you get the best user experience from your iPad tablets. In this section, we will review those iPad accessories that ensure your tablet serves you longer.  

Paperlike Matte screen protector

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The iPad Pro 12.9-inch screen is one of the best in the industry. To protect it from breakage and scratches, you need to invest on a screen protector. Before getting to the screen scratches and hits are handled by the replaceable Matte screen protector.

Regular wipes with a high quality microfibre screen cleaning cloth will ensure your screen is free from scratches.  

Best Artist iPad Case

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The iPad case is where you will put your tablet when not in use. For short distances or within the house, you can use a simple Apple iPad folio.

However, if you are taking advantage of the portability nature of the tablet, then a tablet bag is recommended to ensure your iPad is safe.   You can put it in the simple Tomtoc soft tablet sleeve for iPad as you travel and only take it out as you use it.  

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Best Power Bank for iPad

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The iPad Pro has a fair amount of battery life. However, if you keep it on charge for regular long hours, it may degrade the battery. It is advisable to remove from charge as you use.

A power bank will act as a spare battery and come in handy as you travel as an extra power source as you use your tablet when traveling. We recommend Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD with 30W Power Delivery Charger.    

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