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How to turn off safe mode on Android tablets in 4 Ways

If you are wondering how to turn off safe mode on Android tablets or phones, it is important to note that there is no standard way. 

This is because many Android devices are different based on the manufacturer or operating system installed.

For example, many Samsung devices are similar, but they look different compared to tablets manufactured by Huawei or Lenovo.

You can either restart your device in safe mode or use the volume and power keys to turn on safe mode.

4 Ways to Turn Off Safe Mode on Android Tablets

If your tablet or phone is stuck in Safe Mode, do not worry. There are a number of ways you can turn off safe mode on Android tablets.

The easiest ones that you can use are restarting your Android device and using the power and volume keys to disable safe mode.

Below are four of the best options you can use.

  1. Restarting your Android device
  2. Using the power and volume keys
  3. Factory reset your tablet.
  4. Remove broken applications.

Restarting your Android device

With your Android tablet or phone in Safe Mode, click and hold down the power button. A pop-up option will come up, prompting you to power off, restart, or reboot.

Choose the restart option or any other of the two options. Your tablet will start up normally.

Using the power and volume keys

Power off your tablet or phone. When the tablet is completely off, click and hold down the power button as if to power it on.

After that, click the volume-down button. Some tablets will automatically disable Safe Mode. Others will start up in recovery mode.

When you restart from your Safe Mode menu, you will be out of Safe Mode once the tablet starts.

Factory reset your tablet

If all methods fail, you can factory reset your tablet. This will reset your tablet to its original state upon purchase. You may unfortunately lose some files and applications when you reset your device.

Once the reset is complete, you will be logged out of Safe Mode.

Remove broken applications.

Sometimes, your device will automatically go to Safe Mode because of a faulty application or malware. To solve this, you can either remove the application from your tablet or clear your device cache.

How to turn on safe mode on Android using Power Keys

Click and hold down the power button on your tablet until you see a logo displayed on the screen as the tablet starts powering on.

When you see the logo display, click and hold the low volume button until you see Safe Mode on the screen. Usually on the bottom right corner.

How to restart into safe mode

To restart your tablet in Safe Mode, you will first have to power it on. Click and hold down the power button to boot up your tablet.

When on, click and hold down the power button again until some options come up on the screen.

A menu will pop up on the screen. Select the power icon displayed. Hold down the Power iCon until you see Reboot to Safe Mode displayed.

Choose OK to restart in Safe Mode.

How to factory reset your Samsung tablet from the Settings Panel

Factory reset

Navigate to Settings, select General Management, and click Reset. You can choose from several options that come up, either resetting network settings or resetting accessibility settings.

This method can only reset certain sections of the tablet, not others. We recommend that you start with the Reset Settings option and check if that solves the problem.

If not, there is also a factory reset that wipes all data from the tablet. If you have files you need on your tablet, we recommend backing them up elsewhere before selecting this option.

Using buttons to factory reset your Samsung tablet

If you can’t access the Settings option on your tablet, you can use buttons to factory reset your tablet. Simultaneously click the lock button and the volume-up button on the side of the tablet until the tablet turns off.

Then click the volume-up and lock buttons until an on-screen menu appears. This is recovery mode. To navigate up and down, press the up or down volume buttons.

When you see the option to reset to factory settings, click the power button in the upper right corner and select.

If you choose factory data reset, your tablet will reset automatically. Please note that this will erase all data on the tablet. Back up your files first. Then select Reboot System now.

FAQ about safe mode on Android tablets

  1. <strong>What is safe mode on Android tablets?</strong>

    Android Safe Mode is a power mode on your tablet that you can use for diagnostics. Your tablet or phone, when in Safe Mode, only runs factory or system applications originally on your device.It lets you isolate and troubleshoot problematic applications and settings.

  2. <strong>Does turning on safe mode on Android tablets delete anything on my device?</strong>

    No, turning on safe mode will not delete anything on your tablet. However, disabling it using methods like resetting your tablet will delete files and applications.

  3. <strong>How can you factory reset Android tablets?</strong>

    Press and hold the lock button and volume-down button at the same time.Click the volume up and lock button until recovery mode appears.Select factory reset, and the tablet will automatically reset (select with the power button and navigate with volume up or down).Select Reboot System now.