Privacy Policy

To us, your privacy is paramount. Internet browsing can be a threat to personal information, but we can guarantee you we protect our client’s information all the time. When we collect your data, we only use it for our purpose, and we cannot distribute it anywhere else. Your security is our responsibility.

When browsing our website, you may be required to give some personal information. The information may range from your personal email address, website or other information deemed necessary. We store this information in our data bank for ease of reference in the event of a future order or communication. The data bank is secure and can only be accessed by our appointed staff only.

We collect the information in two categories of Personally Identifiable Information or Anonymous Information. The personally identifiable information discloses all about you. Your residence to the email accounts you hold. The anonymous information does not have information that directly identifies you. This information identifies you through Internet Protocol (IP) address or domain. You are identified according to your login credential in a computer you use often.

Disclosure of information is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, which means I may receive a commission for purchases made through links. I will only recommend products that I have personally used

We do not disclose any information not unless the law requires us to do it. It is, therefore, very important to read and understand the terms and conditions of our privacy policy. Disclosure of information can come about only when there is a violation of our rules or an abusive act that has been reported and leads to your personal information. We have a responsibility to guard and protect our website from any foreseen or unforeseen activity that distorts our image. We advise our web page visitors not to engage in these matters and report any incidence immediately. In the event of a crisis, we may not alert you ahead of the disclosure of information.

Non-Disclosure of information

We keep our promise of keeping your personal information safe. We do not sell, share or combine your personal information with other third parties. However, we can share the information with our business affiliates but only for the intended purpose. Some affiliates have contracted us to conduct business on their behalf and therefore we have to disclose the information. In the event of purchasing a product, the information may be transferred to the buyer or the new assignee. He is required to treat the information secretly as we had kept it.

To protect your information, you will be requested to create passwords while we create the firewalls. This prevents any unauthorized access to information, loss, or destruction. You are, however, allowed to access your personal data and make changes as you need. We will also provide you with the option of either subscribing or unsubscribing to a certain chain of emails or information. While we ensure your information is safe, always notify us of any misuse or violation you encounter on our web page. That information will help us keep your personal information safe according to our privacy policy.

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