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10 Best Printers for Graphic Designers

If you work in any creative or art field, having a good graphic design computer is very important. Whether you want to use it for print proofing to see how the final artwork will look or printing for final production, you can not compromise on the value of a good printer.

In this article, we took our time to study and review the best printers for graphic designers available in the market today. 

We will also explain the main factors that you need to have in mind when choosing the best one for you. We have previously reviewed a lot of graphic design gear that can improve the way you work and overall output quality.

What are the Best Printers for Graphic Designers?

  1. Canon Pixma iP8720 — best overall inkjet printer (Our Pick) 
  2. Canon PIXMA Pro-200 — professional wide-format printer (Runner Up) 
  3. Epson Expression Photo XP-8550 – Best All-in-One Printer
  4. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 – The best wide-format printer
  5. HP Envy 5055 – the best budget printer for Graphic Design
  6. Epson Expression Premium EcoTank ET-7750 – Best Value for Money

Canon Pixma iP8720 —  Best overall inkjet printer

  • Printer Type: Ink Jet
  • 6 ink Cartridge
  • Maximum resolution: 9600 x 2400 dpi
  • Print Size” A3+
  • Print speed: 14.5 ppm (mono) and 12 ppm for color
  • Paper capacity: 150
  • Weight: 8.43 kg

The Canon Pixma iP8720 features a compact and sleek design. It is our pick for the Best overall printer for graphic design.

The printer is an inkjet-type printer. Its High-quality 6-ink system will help you generate high-quality print art and Photographs. This includes 6 ink tank systems that ensure color accuracy and rich dense color prints.

Additionally, it features a maximum 9600 x 2400 dpi resolution that is perfect for professional-level printing whether for gallery displays or wall hangings.

When it comes to the size, you will be able to print larger than A3 print size at 13 x 19-inch print size. This means it is capable of printing a wide range of paper sizes, including 4″ x 6″ up to 13″ x 26″ wide banners.

Canon Pixma iP8720 supports a range of connectivity options such as including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB. This is a modern-level printer and even allows WiFi connectivity for wireless printing. If you want to print from mobile the printer allows Google Cloud Printing compatibility.

Finally, this printer will print at a high speed at 10.5 images per minute for colored prints and 14.5 for black and white. This will however vary depending on the paper used. You will also be able to print special substrates such as customized CDs.


  • Large print area
  • High-quality 6-ink system
  • Affordable Price
  • Wireless Printing
  • High Resolution


  • Better quality available on cheaper printers

Canon PIXMA Pro-200 — professional wide-format printer (Runner Up)

  1. Category: Color inkjet printer 
  2. Print speed: 1.2 ppm
  3. Paper sizes: up to Super A3/B 
  4. Paper capacity: 150 
  5. 8 ink Cartridges
  6. Print resolution: 4800 x 2400 dpi
  7. Connectivity: USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi
  8. Size: 63.9 x 37.9 x 20cm
  9. Weight: 14.1 kg

The Canon PIXMA Pro-200 is another inkjet-type printer that is great for Pro photographers and graphics designers. This printer will produce high-quality art and photography prints thanks to a high 4800 x 2400 dpi resolution and improved 8-color dye-based inks.

Just like the Canon Pixma iP8720, you will be able to print in A3+ size at 13 x 19 inches print size. Printing speed is also great with A3+ prints coming out in slightly under 90 seconds.

Unlike average office printers, you are not limited to light substrates with rollers capable of pushing heavier and thicker paper quality. It is however slightly more expensive than the Canon Pixma iP8720 but still affordably priced.


  • Allows  heavier paperweight
  • Large Print Area
  • Fantastic image quality
  • User-Friendly interface
  • WIFI support with LCD screens


  • Pricey
  • Dye Based Inks

Epson Expression Photo XP-8550 — Best All-in-One Printer

  1. Print size: A3
  2. Resolution: 5,760 x 1,440 dpi
  3. Connectivity: USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi
  4. Size: 37.9 x 52.3 x 16.9 cm
  5. Weight: 11.1 kg

The Epson Expression Photo XP-8550 is our best pick under the Epson Brand. Unlike the Epson Expression Photo XP-8500 which only prints A4 size as its largest output, this printer prints up to A3+ size at 13 x 19 inches.

Additionally, it can print heavier grammage paper just like The Canon PIXMA Pro-200. You will still get high-quality prints on art and photographs only at a cheaper overall running cost.

This makes the Epson Expression Photo XP-8550 very affordable when buying and refilling supplies.

Its unique elegant white color makes it sleek and unique to stand out. This modern look is further taken to a futuristic level with a touchscreen LCD screen.

Its standout features include an Automatic Paper Feeder, Wireless connectivity, Duplex or Double Sided Scan, Auto-Duplex printing, Large A3+ Borderless Printing, and a Touch LCD Screen Display.

Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 – The best wide-format printer

  1. Print Size: A3+ 13 X 19 Inches
  2. Type: Inkjet
  3. Print Speed: 20 Ppm both color and monochrome
  4. Resolution: 5760 x 1440 dpi
  5. Paper Capacity: 50 Sheets rear tray and 200 for the front tray
  6. Auto Duplex Print
  7. 6 Color Inks plus Red and Gray
  8. Smart Phone and tablet-compatible
  9. Wireless Printer with 2.4 inch LCD screen
  10. 30% smaller than its previous version
  11. Connectivity: Ethernet

Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 is another wide-format inkjet printer from Epson. It allows A3+ printing at 13×19 inches with a 20 Ppm printing speed for both color and monochrome prints.

It has a 5760 x 1440 dpi resolution and combined with 6 Color Inks plus Red and Gray provides rich color print outputs for photographs and art. If you like printing from your drawing tablet or phone, this tablet is perfectly compatible with both devices.

The price range is also affordable for a very good printer that you can use for even professional art prints. This printer’s size is small and manageable if you prefer portability with a 30% reduced size compared to older models. Overall, you will not regret buying this inkjet printer.

How to Choose a Graphic Design Printer

  1. Print Size and Substrate
  2. Inkjet or Laser Printer
  3. Inks and Toners
  4. Resolution
  5. Price

Print Size and Substrate

The first important consideration you need to make is how big you want your final printout to be. 

Printers come in different sizes and some small printers may be unable to print large print sizes or heavy paper thicknesses. Also, a printer for t-shirt printing will not be the same as a paper printer.

Inkjet vs Laser Printer – Which Printer is best for you?

In our last article on Art printers, we mentioned that Inkjets are preferable when you want to produce high-quality prints. The same case applies to graphic design. 

Inkjets will provide sharp and higher-quality prints compared to laser printers. They are therefore more preferred for Graphic Designers.

If you however produce different types of documents and need to output them faster, a laser printer may be your best pick.

Inks and Toners

If you buy an inkjet printer, you will notice different cartridge slots for different colors. To print high-quality art prints, choose a printer with a minimum of 4 slots.

The more the cartridge slots, the richer the quality of print. You can get up to 12 ink cartridge slots. For Laser printers, toner cartridges are only available in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow Black, or CMYK colors. These colors mix to create all other colors.


You need to consider the price of supplies because you will have to buy them regularly. Make sure to research their cost and where to source them before buying your printer.

For example, laser printers may appear cheaper but the cost of toner cartridges may be higher than ink cartridges.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. <strong>What is an All-in-One Printer for Graphic Design?</strong>

    An all-in-one printer is a printer that combines different functionalities such as printing, scanning, and Faxing, on one printer. It is also called a multifunction printer (MFP).

  2. <strong>Inkjet vs Laser Printer – Which Printer is best for you?</strong>

    Inkjets will provide sharp and higher-quality prints compared to laser printers. They are therefore more preferred for Graphic Designers. If you however produce different types of documents and need to output them faster, a laser printer may be your best pick.