Why There Is No Calculator on iPad

In this article we will look into Why There Is No Calculator on iPad Tablets. Do iPads Even Need Calculators? A calculator is a common application even in very simple phone and tablet devices. 

However, the iPad Pro is one of the most complex and powerful tablets in the market, yet it lacks this simple application in its native setup.

Why There Is No Calculator on iPad

The Absence of a Calculator on iPads

When you first get your hands on an iPad, you might be taken aback by the absence of a simple, yet essential, application: the calculator. 

This peculiar omission raises a valid question: why is there no calculator on iPads?  In this article, we delve into the reasons behind this curious choice made by Apple and explore solutions for those who still need to crunch numbers on their beloved tablets.

The Premium iPad Experience

The most logical explanation for the absence of a calculator on iPads is the premium status of these devices. 

iPads have always been positioned as high-end, top-of-the-line tablets, boasting cutting-edge technology and superior performance. This premium pedigree naturally results in higher price tags compared to their tablet counterparts.

With such a prestigious reputation to uphold, Apple has been cautious about introducing an ordinary calculator application into the iPad ecosystem.

 They are committed to delivering a cohesive and impeccable user experience across their products, and a standard calculator app might not align with their vision of iPad’s sophistication.

A History of Design Challenges

To confirm this, one need only look back at the history of iPad development. In its early iterations, iPads did indeed come equipped with calculators.

However, Apple’s visionary founder, Steve Jobs, was unimpressed with the rigid and uninspiring design of the original calculator. 

Jobs believed that the iPad deserved a unique and carefully designed calculator application that would seamlessly integrate with the tablet’s aesthetics and functionality.

Steve Jobs tasked Apple’s software developers with creating a calculator app that matched the iPad’s exceptional quality. Unfortunately, time constraints proved to be a significant obstacle. 

Designing a calculator that met Apple’s exacting standards was no easy task, and it couldn’t be accomplished within the limited time frame leading up to the iPad’s launch.

As a result, the decision was made to remove the calculator, and it has remained absent from iPads ever since. 

Despite technological advancements and numerous iPad generations, Apple has not signaled any intention to reintroduce a calculator to their tablet lineup.

How to Get Calculator App On iPad

While Apple may have chosen to keep the calculator at bay, there are still ways to perform calculations on your iPad. Here are a couple of methods you can use to bring the convenience of a calculator to your tablet.

Calculator on iPad

1. Ask Siri

Your iPad comes equipped with the voice-activated assistant, Siri. You can use Siri to perform calculations by simply issuing voice commands.

For example, saying, “Hey Siri, what is 20 x 8?” will prompt Siri to provide you with the answer to your mathematical query. Siri is a capable and quick alternative to a traditional calculator app.

2. Third-Party Calculators for Apple iPad

Frustrated by the absence of a native calculator on iPads, consumers have turned to third-party solutions to fill the void.

 A popular choice among iPad users is Calcbot 2. This third-party calculator app not only fulfills basic arithmetic needs but also offers unit conversion capabilities.

 Additionally, it’s quite affordable, making it an attractive option for those who require a calculator on their iPads.

In conclusion, the absence of a calculator on iPads can be attributed to Apple’s commitment to providing a premium and unique user experience. 

While the original design challenges hindered the inclusion of a standard calculator, alternative solutions such as Siri and third-party calculator apps have emerged to meet the needs of iPad users who still yearn for the convenience of quick calculations on their high-end devices.

The iPad may lack a built-in calculator, but it certainly doesn’t lack for creative solutions to make up for it.

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FAQ for Why There Is No Calculator on iPads

  1. Is there a calculator app on iPads?

    No, there is no native calculator application included on iPads. Apple has opted to exclude this feature due to their commitment to delivering a premium and unique tablet experience.

  2. How can I perform calculations on my iPad?

    You can perform calculations on your iPad using Siri, the voice-activated assistant, or by installing third-party calculator apps like Calcbot 2.

  3. Are there any free third-party calculator apps for iPad?

    While some third-party calculator apps are free, the quality and features may vary. It’s advisable to explore different options and choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.