8 Famous luxury and Expensive Car Logos

A logo is more than just a brand representation. When it comes to Expensive Car Logos, it are a symbol of status, wealth, and social class. The symbol on your car or car keys will bring out a feeling of pride and completion just by associating with the brand.

Even if you do not have a car, the simplicity and unique nature of luxury car logos make them memorable to everyone they come across. In this article, we will look at the main features that make luxury car logos what they are and what is common or different among them.

Additionally, we will analyze a few car logos to understand their design aesthetic, meaning, and application of design elements. If you are looking for a good logo designer, feel free to check out our review on the Best Minimalist logo designers.

The essential guide to the most expensive luxury car logos

  1. Mercedes-Benz
  2. Bentley
  3. Aston Martin
  4. Bugatti
  5. Maserati
  6. The Lamborghini logo
  7. Porsche
  8. Rolls-Royce


Mercedes-Benz is the most popular motor vehicle brand in Germany. Globally, it is one of the many luxury car brands that have stood the test of time.

The logo has changed over the years to become the current masterpiece of a logo. The official silver color gradient is meant to represent simplicity. The circle-shaped ring represent strength and the brands prevalence.

Finally the star like shape inside the circle brings out the elegance and classy nature of the brand.

Luxury Car Logo

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Expensive Car Logos

The Bentley Logo features a set of Wings and a B at the center of a circle. It is simple with the wings on the side and a set of tail feathers at the bottom.

Wings on the logo are not accredited to any specific animal but are used to depict speed and elegance. The logo’s silver color depicts elegance and class.

B on the logo represents the name of the brand which is also written underneath the logo in a simple font. It is important to note that the logo is slightly asymmetrical which is alleged to be done intentionally to represent speed. 

After around 10 years of its existence in 1927, the nice winged design was used to inspire another luxury vehicle brand.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin Logo

The Aston Martin Logo is very similar to the Bentley logo. However the side wings on the Aston Martin are fused with the tail wings at the bottom of the logo.

The black or silver color makes it classy and elegant. The middle part of the logo features a rectangle block where the full name is written unlike only a single letter on the Bentley.

Simple interaction between the shapes and simple text in the middle makes this logo timeless and classy at the same time.

Bugatti Logo

A classy logo does not always have to be simple. The Bugatti logo is a good example for this fact. It features an Oval shape with the name Bugatti running across the center.

This represents the brand’s name. Right above the name is a B and inverted E that represents the original car maker Ettore Bugatti. Colors mix well to be both classy and elegant. The reddish burgundy color background represents royalty or Power. 

EB is black and when the whole logo is set against a silver border with red dots around it looks crowded but still classy nonetheless.


A Maserati is one of the most expensive brands of cars. When it comes to branding, it features a nice minimal logo made of a Trident. The Trident is believed to be a symbol of power and energy. 

The Maserati brand was inspired by the statue of Neptune which is found in Italy. Specifically, Bologna is where the car comes from. The statue holds a Trident in hand to symbolize power.

A sports logo comes in various color varieties to match the exciting and fast sporting world and the classy side of the brand. Below are the colors used in the Maserati logos.

Navy Blue: Hex: #002C5F C M Y K – C 91 M 65 Y 22 K 49, R G B – R 0 G 44 B 95

Red: Hex: #E21A22 C M Y K – C 1 M 93 Y 95 K 0, R G B – R 226 G 26 B 34

White:Hex: #FFFFFF C M Y K – C 0 M 0 Y 0 K 0, R G B – R 255 G 255 B 255

The Lamborghini logo similarly depicts power and energy with a symbol of a charging bull. It signifies the undying vigilance of the manufacturer to create automotive excellence and class.

As a sports car line, the bright gold color represents strength, power, speed, and endurance while the black gives it a touch of elegance and class.

Combined, this brand image is depicted as both strong, bold, and classy.


What shows power more than a leaping horse? The Porsche logo is represented by a powerful leaping horse. It is the same as the one found on Stuttgart’s coat of arms.

The leaping horse represents vitality, strength, and elegance. The black color is a symbol of class and luxury. Just like the other sports car logos, above, strength is well symbolized by a very powerful animal.


A Rolce Royce logo is presented with more than one symbol. First, we have the official RR logo that simply symbolizes the brand name initials. 

The second symbol that brings out the elegance of the brand is a Woman with hands pushed back as if stating that goes on top of the car bonnet above the initials.

Above and below the name symbols, the logo has the name on the top and bottom. This takes away the minimalistic approach of other luxury brands with a lot of elements. It is still cool and classy despite the many elements. We see the black color repeated in this logo to bring out elegance and sophistication.

Expensive Car Logos

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What do luxury car logos have in common?

Most Luxury brand car logos apply symbolism to depict aspects that command respect and strength. The strategic use of colors, especially black is used to bring out elegance and class in the logos and brands.

Finally, we cannot ignore the representation of the brand’s allegiance to its origin or manufacturer, such as Porsche taking after Ferdinand Porsche’s name.

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