How To Make A 3D Layered text using Adobe Illustrator easily

In this article, you will learn how to make 3D Layered text using Adobe illustrator. At the end of this article, we have provided a link and guide to a free editable illustrator template for download, and add your own text with the effect. You can also contact us if you have any questions . For more tutorials check out our page

Download free 3D Layered text

How to make 3D Layered text using Adobe Illustrator

Step 1: Go to the text tool and click once on the artboard to type. Type any text you want, I will type YouTube. Hold down Shift and scale the text up. Change the font to a script type of text. I found that they work best. I will use.

How To Make A 3D Layered text

Step 2: Turn the text to outlines. With the text selected, click SHIFT, CTRL, O on PC and SHIFT, COMMAND, O on MAC.

Step 3:Duplicate the text by clicking ALT with the text selected then clicking and dragging the text with ALT held down. You can also do this by clicking CTRL or Command, C and CTRL or Command, V.

Step 4: Add an outline of one of the duplicated texts. Select the text then go to object, expand. Make sure both text and stroke are selected and choose ok.

Step 5:Click here to make it a compound path. If you do not see this menu, go to window, pathfinder.

Layered text

Step 6: After that, select the text and go to Effect, Distort and Transform, Transform. A pop-up menu comes up. Set 5 points horizontal and vertical and 2 copies.

How To Make A 3D Layered text

Step 7: Select the text, go to object, and rasterize. Choose transparent on the pop-up menu. Go to image trace then expand.

3D Layered text

Step 8: With the direct selection tool selected, select the white section. Go to select, same, fill color. Click delete to remove the white. Choose the second color on the color palette provided.

How To Make Layered text

Step 9: Select both texts and align them. Align to the top and left as shown. Change the color of the black to the first color on the swatch palette. After that lock it by selecting an object, lock selection

How To Make A 3D Layered text in illustrator

Step 10: Select the back text and copy it by clicking Control C or going to Object Copy then Object Paste in the back. After this set the color to the third swatch.

Step 11: With this text still selected, go to effect, distort and transform, transform. A pop-up menu will appear like in step 6 above. Set to 5 points horizontal and 5 points vertical, plus 1 copy. Choose ok

To edit it, select the distort after changing, go to window appearance, then choose your effect which is the transform effect in this case and the menu pops up again.

Step 12: Repeat steps 10 and 11 with all colors in the swatch palette. The final should look like this or similar for both color palettes.

How to get free 3D Layered editable text

To get the free template, just download it below. Consider joining our new free graphic design class on Facebook. Once you download, go to the folder and install the font.

Select all by clicking Control or Command-A. Go to Edit, find and replace, type YouTube, then click Find, then Find Next. Replace with, type your text there example, my text. The text will be replaced.

To change the colors, click Control A to select all, click shift, control then O. After that go to object, expand appearance. You can now change the colors.

How to get free 3D Layered editable text

Download Free Editable template

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