iPad vs Laptop pros and cons: Replacing a Laptop with iPad

When choosing which portable computer is the best one for you, iPad vs Laptop pros and cons are important factors to consider. Before the iPad, laptops used to be the most powerful and highly portable workstations you could get for digital work.

iPads have come up and seemingly replaced most laptops thanks to their powerful features and easier portability compared to Laptops. So can you really replace a laptop with an iPad and what should you consider?

iPad vs Laptop pros and cons

iPads are smaller and do not require a lot of accessories to carry around. You can easily use a tablet without any other accessory, just an Apple Pencil. A laptop is bigger and bulkier. Additionally, you will need to have a mouse and physical inbuilt keyboard connected on the laptop to use.

All iPads feature a touch screen interface that is more intuitive and user friendly. Most Laptops are not touch screens and feature an old, less clear screen display. The Liquid Retina screen display on iPads is one of the best in the industry. iPads like many other tablets have access to a wider range of software and applications on the App store compared to laptops.

The reduced size and compact design on iPads make them easy to conserve power making them have a long battery life compared to laptops. The design on laptops on the other hand requires a fan and cooling system that results in loss of power hence a low battery life.

For example, the Apple iPad Pro battery can run up to 10 hours which is close to a whole working day. This is almost twice as long as most premium laptops.

iPad vs Laptop: Laptop advantages over iPads

Laptops are created with a workstation in mind rather than a fun gadget. For this reason, they feature more powerful hardware and are more suitable for complex tasks. iPads are more expensive compared to laptops despite the lower storage space and lesser power.

The iPad has a more comfortable interface when carrying out simple fun tasks such as reading and writing. However a Laptop is more preferable when you intend to work on complex projects.

With technological improvement touch screen laptops have come up with an intuitive touch screen interface.

What’s the difference between an iPad and a laptop?

An iPad is a tablet computer planned to be used while holding it in your hand. A laptop is a portable computer that is targeted to be placed on your lap when you use it.

An iPad features a light and small body and build and is used using fingers, a Stylus or Pencil to select and navigate. They are less expensive than laptops but have less powerful features because they are not necessarily aimed as working devices.

Laptops are traditionally meant to be used with a mouse or trackpad on their body and an external keyboard as an input device. They were targeted to be portable workstations and therefore pack more power than iPads as they are expected to perform professional tasks.

iPads run on iOS operating systems while most laptops work with Windows OS. This is however ultimately based on user preference.

iPad vs Laptop: Apple Pencil or Mouse

First all Laptops must come with a mouse included in the price, mostly as a trackpad on the base of the laptop’s body. If you use an external mouse, it is compatible with any laptop as long as it is connected. 

Apple Pencils on the other hand, are bought separately from the iPad tablets. Additionally there are 2 types Apple Pencil 1 and Apple Pencil 2. Each of them are compatible with some iPads and not others and can not be used interchangeably.

Should i buy an iPad vs Laptop

Choosing either of the 2 is determined by user requirements for the devices. If you need a simple, highly portable device and prefer iOS, then an iPad is more preferable. If you however need a larger display, more power and need to stay for longer hours working on professional work, then the laptop is ideal.

Once you determine what you want to do with the device and the applications you intend to use, you can easily know which one to choose.  Here are some questions that can help you decide.

  1. Do I need a gadget for complex jobs and CPU intensive software?
  2. Do I need a large screen?
  3. Do I need a keyboard?
  4. Is a stylus more comfortable than a mouse depending on how I want to use it?
  5. Do I need it for work or recreational use?

  1. Which is better iPad vs Laptop?

    Laptops and iPads have different advantages and disadvantages over each other. However, choosing which one is better between the 2 is dependent on the end goal you have regarding the usage of the device. It is important to note that with introduction of M1 and M2 processors on iPad have made them capable of rivaling most laptops in terms of performance and functionality.

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