Why is iPad mini more expensive than iPad?

Why is iPad mini more expensive than iPad? Apple iPads have cut a space for themselves over the years as some of the best tablets available in the market today.

Their powerful specifications and top features are simply unmatched in the industry only leaving them to compete against each other.

iPads come in different forms such as iPads, iPad Air, iPad Pro, or iPad Mini. Although they all come with great features, they differ in price and specs to fit different needs and requirements.

Additionally, the fact that some are more expensive usually means they pack more power and can do more hence the price.

For this reason, choosing the best one for you is not easy. For most artists like me and professionals, a larger screen or working area is preferable to a small one.

However, one unusual occurrence in their releases is that an iPad Mini which is smaller is more expensive compared to the iPad which has a11 inch screen size.

Therefore, we have created this article to understand What is the difference between the iPad mini and iPad?

What is the difference between the iPad vs iPad mini?

The iPad obviously has a larger screen at 10.9 inches while the iPad Mini is 8.3 inches in size.

Despite this, the iPad Mini is a better tablet when you consider most of the other factors apart from screen size and overall tablet size.

As for the price, all iPad mini variants cost more than the iPad. In addressing the differences between the 2, we will help understand why this is the case.

Compared to the iPad, the iPad Mini is smaller and more compact. This makes it easier to carry it around or fit it in a bag. Of all Apple iPads, the iPad Mini is the most portable option you can go for.

The iPad Mini has a unique clear screen with Liquid Retina display technology, similar to the one on the larger more expensive iPad Pro.

Compared to the iPad, the iPad Mini has by far more powerful features that further justify its higher price range.

To better understand the difference in features and compare the 2 tablets, let us do a head-to-head comparison of the iPad and iPad Mini.

iPad vs iPad Mini

The iPad 9th generation and iPad Mini 6 both came into the market late in 2021. Both tablets were introduced in 2 storage space options at 64 GB and 256 GB with each having WIFI and a Cellular option.

For both versions and sizes, as per the date of this article, the iPad Mini came in at 50$ more expensive respectively for all.

Best iPad and iPad Mini Current Price

The price on all versions of the iPad Mini ranges from $499 to 799$ while the cheaper iPad ranges from 449$ to 749$. This is mostly because of the iPad Mini’s compactness and portability.

iPad vs iPad mini: Body and Build

We have already mentioned that the iPad has a larger screen of 10.2 inches. 

However, most of the good things about it stop at that because the screen is nonlaminated and the thick bezels make it look old school, unlike most Apple tablets.

On the other hand, the iPad Mini features a modern sleek design with thin bezels and like the iPad Air, it features a laminated screen that is more clear and crisp.

The screen is slightly smaller but not too much at 8.3 inches in size. Basically choosing between the two is up to your requirements. 

If you want a large working area, we recommend the iPad if portability is your thing then the iPad Mini will serve you perfectly while at the same time giving a nice paper-like feel on the laminated screen.

Accessories Compatibility

Although the iPad is not compatible with Magic Keyboard, it features a connector that makes it compatible with Smart Keyboards.

The iPad Mini has no connector and is not compatible with a smart keyboard. For the pencils, both will be easily used as drawing tablets although they both use different Pencils that are not interchangeable.

The iPad Mini works with the modern Apple Pencil 2 while the Apple iPad works with the older Apple Pencil 1.

Working with Procreate or other drawing software will be a little problematic with the iPad compared to the iPad Mini which has a laminated screen.

Overall, the iPad Mini is the better pick with better features although it is slightly more expensive.

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