Best iPad Magic Keyboard Alternatives

Incompatibility is one of the reasons many iPad users look for the Best iPad Magic Keyboard alternatives. Additionally, iPad Magic keyboards are not cheap. 

Just like other iPad accessories, such as the Apple Pencil, Magic Keyboards are relatively expensive and do not come with the iPad on purchase.

This means that many iPad users, especially those on a budget, need a good keyboard alternative. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best options available.

Top iPad Magic Keyboard Alternatives

  1. Logitech Combo Touch – Best Overall
  2. ESR Rebound Magnetic Keyboard Case
  3. Brydge MAX+
  4. Typecase Magic Style Keyboard
  5. OHNI Touch Keyboard Case

Logitech Combo Touch – best Overall

The Logitech Combo Touch is the best option you can go for. If you use your iPad as a reading and note-taking device, the ergonomic tilt design on this keyboard will be perfect for you. 

The slight tilt angle will allow you to use your keyboard for long hours without unnecessary pressure and fatigue on your hands.

Apple iPad Pro comes with a highly touch-sensitive screen. When using the Logitech Combo Touch however, you will not need to use the screen aspects thanks to the touch-sensitive trackpad found strategically positioned under the type keys.

Another aspect that stands out about the Logitech Combo Touch is its overall compatibility with various devices such as PCs and MAC computers.

Overall battery life of up to 3 months on a single charge makes it a perfect and reliable keyboard even without regular charging.


  • Long Battery Life
  • Compatible with PC and MAC
  • Ergonomic tilt design for the best user experience
  • Perfectly sized and sensitive Trackpad 


  • Expensive

ESR Rebound Magnetic Keyboard Case

The ESR Rebound Magnetic Keyboard Case is a slim and lightweight Apple iPad Magic Keyboard that allows for easy portability and outdoor use.

In low light conditions, this keyboard still lets you type comfortably thanks to a clean backlit set of keys that are comfortably positioned.

ESR Rebound Magnetic Keyboard is highly preferred by users because of its easy accessibility to various ports and buttons.

Additionally, it features a longer battery life on a single charge compared to the Logitech Combo Touch with up to 6 months of usage without having to recharge it.

It is very flexible with a small integrated Magnetic SnapFit Case

stand-like feature that makes it possible to view the perfect iPad screen from multiple viewing angles.


  • Long Battery Life, up to 6 months on a single charge
  • Backlit keys
  • Comfortable stand-like feature for wider viewing angles
  • Affordable Price Range


  • Few color varieties

 Brydge MAX+

The Brydge MAX+ makes it to this list thanks to its very comfortable typing experience. As a full-sized keyboard, with a large trackpad, you will find it efficient and very comfortable to use.

Additionally, backlit keys will ensure you continue typing even in low-light conditions. 

It is a cheap keyboard alternative to the Magic Keyboard that is made to work with the latest iPad and will feature lots of simple iPad gestures and shortcuts that will save you lots of time.

Finally, it is lightweight and easily portable allowing you to carry it from place to place. The multiple skin colors make it cool and exciting mostly for iPad artists.


  • Multiple color options
  • Back Lit Keys
  • Affordable Price
  • Made for the latest iPad


  • TrackPad is too big
  • Not the most powerful build especially the hinges

Typecase Magic Style Keyboard

It comes with a nice compact full-size keyboard with nice backlit keys for comfortable typing. It also features a slight tilt that allows you to view your iPad Pro perfectly as you type.

If you like working on the go, the Typecase Magic Style Keyboard will work perfectly with your iPad Pro, thanks to its lightweight and compact nature.

Its small size and lightweight will make it possible to fit the Typecase Magic Style keyboard in a small bag or just carry it around without having to worry about its bulkiness. 

The Typecase Magic Style Keyboard is generally far cheaper than the Apple iPad Magic Keyboard, making it a great alternative.


  • Affordable Price
  • Small and Compact
  • Backlit keyboard with a slight tilt


  • The trackpad may be a little too small

OHNI Touch Keyboard Case

OHNI Touch Keyboard Case is another Magic Keyboard alternative. It is significantly affordably priced compared to most of the keyboards in this list. It is the most recommended for iPad users who are on a tight budget.

Whether you are using an iPad Pro or iPad Air, the OHNI Touch Keyboard Case is conveniently compatible with both tablets, making it universally accepted as one of the best alternatives. It is also compatible with Apple Pencil 2 and is most recommended for iPad artists who like using iPads to create their art.

Despite its low price range, this keyboard comes with the most secure case that protects your keyboard keys and iPad. It is therefore more durable than most keyboard alternatives thanks to the polycarbonate protective material.

In addition to the scratch-free body protection, it comes with a magnetic closure that helps protect your iPad when not in use.

What is the Best iPad Magic Keyboard Alternative?

Logitech Combo Touch – Best Overall

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  1. Which keyboard is similar to the Apple Magic Keyboard?

    Logitech Combo Touch – Best OverallESR Rebound Magnetic Keyboard CaseBrydge MAX+Typecase Magic Style KeyboardOHNI Touch Keyboard Case

  2. Do other keyboards work with iPads?

    Some keyboards come as standalone devices and can be used as long as you have a Bluetooth connection. However, be careful because most come as specific folio cases with specific compatibility.