How to use iPad as a Drawing Tablet

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If you are a graphic designer or illustrator, iPad Tablets are a great tool to improve your work flow. I already explained How to Use iPad as a Drawing Tablet for PC. I got a number of questions from MAC users and decided to do one for them too.

The best thing is that you will not only use the tablet for drawing but any other function you might require on your desktop.

Aside from the hardware and drawing software, what you need to use your iPad as a drawing tablet is Astropad App.

How to use iPad as a Drawing Tablet

What you need to use iPad as a Drawing Tablet

  1. MAC Computer
  2. iPad with apple pencil support
  3. Astropad App
  4. Adobe Illustrator Software or any other you want Installed on your Mac.
  5. Cable – Can use Wifi Network

How to use iPad as a Drawing Tablet

Install Astropad app on your Mac and also on your iPad. When you turn them on they magically find each other if you are on a WIFI network or on USB cable linking.

I prefer a USB connection because I personally slightly feel less latency on a WIFI connection but that’s just me.

A USB Cable connection is better because you can both charge and use your tablet at the same time but not a must have.

You will need an Apple pencil too if you do not already have one.

iPad as a Drawing Tablet
Use iPad as a Drawing tablet

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