Huion Kamvas 16 vs Huion Kamvas Pro 16 Comparison

In this review we will review Huion’s Large 16 inch tablet. We will do a Huion Kamvas 16 vs Huion Kamvas Pro 16 Comparison. Huion is one of the top brands when it comes to drawing tablets. There are many different sizes and types of drawing tablets you can opt for.

There are 2 variations of the 16 inch size tablet that is Huion Kamvas 16 and Huion Kamvas 16 Pro. Although these Huion Tablets are very similar, there are some important differences that can greatly influence your choice.

Huion Kamvas 16 Pro Review

Huion Kamvas Pro 16
Image Credits Huion

What is in the box for Huion Kamvas Pro 16

  1. Huion Kamvas Pro 16 tablet
  2. PW 507 Stylus Pen
  3. 3 in 1 cable
  4. Power Adapter
  5. Replacement Nibs
  6. Pen Nib Clip
  7. Pen Holder
  8. Cleaning Cloth
  9. Start Guide

Huion Kamvas 16 Review

Huion Kamvas 16
Image Credits Huion

What is in the box for Huion Kamvas 16

  1. Huion Kamvas 16
  2. PW 507 Stylus Pen
  3. 3 in 1 cable
  4. Drawing glove
  5. Power adapter
  6. Cleaning Cloth
  7. Stand (not available in Kamvas Pro 16)
  8. Shortcut Keys
  9. Start Guide

Similar between Huion Kamvas 16 vs Huion Kamvas Pro 16

  • 15.6 inch
  • 1920 x1080 Full HD screen resolution
  • PW 507 Stylus Pen
  • 8192 pressure levels
  • 5080 Lpi pen resolution
  • ±60° tilt Recognition

Differences between Huion Kamvas 16 vs Huion Kamvas Pro

  • Huion Kamvas 16 Pro has a Laminated display
  • Huion Kamvas 16 Pro 120% sRGB color accuracy compared to Kamvas 16 100% sRGB
  • Kamvas 16 is cheaper and has more free add ons
  • Kamvas 16  comes with a Free Stand that is absent on Kamvas Pro 16
  • Kamvas 16 has 14 customizable shortcut keys while Kamvas 16 Pro only has 6

Screen and Display

Huion Kamvas Pro 16
Image Credits Huion

Huion Kamvas 16 and Huion Kamvas 16 Pro come with a large 15.6 inches screen, with 1920 by 1080 pixels Full HD Resolution. The tablets will be viewed at a plus or minus 60 tilt angle without needless reflections influencing the display. This means that the screen will still remain as clear up to a 60 degree angle view.

There are 2 types of screens you can have on a drawing tablet based on the way it is finished. You can have laminated or non-laminated screens, with laminated ones being more preferable.

What is the difference between laminated and non laminated screens?

Huion Kamvas 16 vs Huion Kamvas Pro
Image Credits Huion

Tablet screens are made of 3 layers. We have a touch sensitive mid layer, sandwiched between a top glass layer and a display layer. Laminated layers are fused together to seem like one screen without air in between the layers.

This lack of air in between makes the screen more clearly by eradicating air bubbles in between. Older non laminated screens separated the touch sensitive area of the screen and pen tip because of the air in between. This reduces your Pen accuracy.

Huion Kamvas Pro 16 has a fully laminated screen while the older Kamvas 16 features a non-laminated screen. Although both the screens are crisp and clear and display in vivid color, the Huion Kamvas Pro 16 is better than the Kamvas 16.

Both screens feature a matte feel on the screen that gives a natural drawing feel like pen on paper. Huion Kamvas 16 Pro has a higher 120% sRGB COLOR Gamut  which is slightly higher than Kamvas 16 with 100% sRGB. However, this difference is very subtle and you may not notice it.

Both Huion Kamvas 16  Huion Kamvas Pro 16 are graphic tablets. This means that they have to be connected to a computer to use. Although they have an inbuilt screen, they lack a computer to install software and a computer acts as the platform where the software is installed or hosted.

Stylus Pen

Image Credits Huion

Huion has really improved their stylus pen, thanks to recent years of criticism on their consistency. Both Kamvas 16 and Kamvas 16 pro feature the PW507.

This is a professional level pen from Huion and you will very easily enjoy features you could only find on Wacom Pro Pen 2 earlier. First the Pen has a light weight and ergonomic design that is made to mimic a normal pen shape. This makes the pen both comfortable and easy to use.

Apart from the design, the pen is battery free and does not need to be connected and regularly charged. It features 2 free customizable buttons that you can set to your most used actions thus speeding up your work flow.

Stylus Pen
Image Credits Huion

The Pen features a high 8192 pen pressure levels plus 5080 Lpi pen resolution. Lpi refers to Lines Per Inch in full and is used to measure pen resolution.

Pen Nibs easily break and need to be protected. Both tablets come with a Pen stand that you can use to put the pen when not in use. Additionally when you buy the Kamvas Pro 16, you will get 10 free pen replacement nibs.

Tablet Stand

One main downside on the Kamvas Pro 16 is that it does not come with a stand. You would expect a free stand on it like the cheaper Kamvas 16 but for some reason it is absent.

A stand is important because of the large working area and will give a better user experience. Having to buy the stand separate makes the Kamvas Pro 16 a little expensive.

Short cut Keys

Kamvas Pro 16 Short cut Keys
Image Credits Huion

Customizable Short cut keys help speed up work flow. This is by setting the keys to your most used actions. The more you have the better. First both have 2 free short cut keys on the battery free pen.

The cheaper Kamvas 16 also scores well here. It comes with 2 sets of shortcut keys on the upper and lower sides. The Kamvas Pro 16 only has 6 buttons despite being more expensive.

Huion Kamvas 16 vs Huion Kamvas Pro 16 Drivers

To use your drawing tablet, you need to use drawing tablet drivers that act as a medium between the Computer and tablet. To connect to your computer the tablet comes with a 3 in 1 cable that combines HDMI, power charge and USB connections together.


Kamvas Pro 16 is better and a premium look tablet compared to Kamvas 16. However it is more expensive despite lacking some free additions found on the cheaper Kamvas 16 such as a free stand.

Although the Pen is exactly the same, the Kamvas Pro is more worth the extra cash thanks to the more clear laminated screen and better display.

Huion Kamvas Pro 16

Huion Kamvas Pro 16
Image Credits Huion

Huion Kamvas 16

Huion Kamvas 16
Image Credits Huion

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