Huion Kamvas 16 Best pen display Tablet in 2022

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In this article we will do an in depth review of the Huion Kamvas 16 drawing tablet. Just like our previous Wacom vs Huion reviews, we will consider and explain the features as used by a digital artist.

Huion Kamvas 16 is one of the best cheap drawing tablets with a screen you can buy. This means that it comes with its own inbuilt screen. At just under $400, you will be able to bring to life your drawing ideas to the highest dimensions. Another reason you should get this tablet is its user-friendliness hat makes it good for beginners and professionals.

Does The Huion Kamvas 16 Need A Computer?

The answer is Yes. Huion Kamvas 16 is not a standalone tablet and you must have a computer connection to use it. Although the Kamvas 16 has its own screen, it lacks a platform to install applications and software. When you connect to the computer, it acts as a software host projecting the view to your tablet screen.

Huion Kamvas 16 Review

Huion Kamvas 16
Huion Kamvas 16 Display

Huion Kamvas 16 Display

Starting with the screen, the 15.6-inch screen combines a full UHD 1920 by 1080 pixels screen resolution with a number of technologies for a wonderful display.

Having a fully laminated technique, you obtain a reduction of parallax made minimum by an added seamless glass.

Additionally, an anti-glare surface ensures clarity and transparency of the screen even in the brightest of conditions.

The IPS technology further boosts the color gamut to a stunning 120% RGB color gamut and with recognition of 16.6 million colors, the display is rich and detailed.

The 16 inch panel size works out greatly for a designer. The industry has a lot of diverse size differences ranging from even 6 inches to larger 27 inched drawing tablets with a screen. Ideally, the Huion Kamvas 16 is built to be big enough for a working area while offering a small size to ease on mobility and portability.

This feature enables a designer to work both at home and in the office with the same drawing tablet. Further having a 12mm slim build and a 1.26kg in weight, mobility is made easy as you can easily carry it around.

Huion Kamvas 16 Stylus

When it comes to the stylus, the battery-free PW517 is powered by the pentech3.0 technology. The pen offers a pressure sensitivity level of 8192 providing you with a traditional-feel experience.

Furthermore, the pen is very comfortable and stable courtesy of a lower positioned nib. It supports tilt function and by that, the user can tilt the pen for additional brush effects.

A 5080 LPI moreover ensures a pen detection of the highest level giving you an impressive pen to tablet interaction.

Detection is made faster due to the high speed of 25msI. A round pen holder is used to support the pen with 10 additional nibs coming in handy when the original nib wears out.


The Huion Kamvas 16 is quite a user-friendly tablet and with 10 programmable keys, you are able to customize the keys to your liking. This, in turn, enables you to exploit your design habits 

Thus improving efficiency and productivity.


Connectivity and compatibility are made using a 3-in-1 cable and you can connect with Windows, macOS, and Android operating systems.

Connection to a display is made using either a VGA cord or an HDMI cable depending on the display you’re setting up.

The ST300 stand caters an elevation offering a comfortable positioning for longer working hours with minimal fatigue. 

The Huion Kamvas 16 serves two function; as a Pen tablet or as a Pen display. The Pen tablet mode is switched on when the screen is switched off which in turn saves power.


  • High pen pressure sensitivity levels.
  • Quality pen quality
  • Large size for a working area
  • Lightweight and small enough for portability and mobility


  • Quite a low response rate compared to other tablets 


The Huion Kamvas 16 works greatly considering most drawing tablets in its price range. An advantage from this tablet is its medium size build.

Offering an option for designers conflicted between getting a small drawing tablet for mobility reasons and still in love with a large working area. Coming from a well rated company, the Kamvas 16 is built with a premium look and the features match this quite perfectly.

If you are in need of a Drawing tablet with a screen, the Huion Kamvas 16 fits the budget and the features required for the job.

Alternatively, there are other cheap Drawing Tablets with a screen if you have a lower budget target. Additionally, if you are not comfortable with always having to connect your drawing tablet to a computer and\or need to use your drawing tablet on the go, standalone tablets are the one for you.

Having an under $400 dollar price tag, you can get a cheap standalone table like the Simbans Picasso at almost half the price.

However, more featured standalone tablets come at higher prices and it wouldn’t be a bad idea going for them especially for professionals.

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