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How to Zoom out in Illustrator in 4 easy ways

In this article, you will learn How to Zoom out in Illustrator. When working in Adobe Illustrator, you need to keep zooming in and out to see how the overall design is coming along.

You also need to make sure that your lines and objects are positioned at the exact correct positions and with high precision.

As I work on designs myself I find myself zooming in and out a lot my self. It is virtually impossible to create a full artwork without lots of zooming in and out.

4 Ways How to Zoom Out in Illustrator

  1. Using Keyboard Short Cuts
  2. Using Mouse and Z key
  3. Navigating using the Hand Tool
  4. Viewing Menu

Using Keyboard Short Cuts

To zoom in and out, I use a quick keyboard function that is Control > + on a PC to zoom in and Control > – to zoom out. If you are n a MAC OS you can use Command > + to zoom in and Command > – to zoom out.

At any point, if you zoom out too much or too close, you can click Control>0 or Command>0. This will reset your zoom to the actual artboard size

This in my opinion is the easiest way to do it. There are however some other ways you can achieve the same result. You just have to find one that works for you.

Zooming Using Mouse

Clicking the Z key picks up the magnifying glass tool. When you click on your mouse and drag over an area it zooms in. When you hold down Alt or Option Key on a Mac and drag over an area, it zooms out. When you hold down the Alt or Option Key on a MAC, then roll your mouse ball, rolling forward zooms in while rolling backward zooms out.

How to Zoom out in Illustrator

Navigating using the Hand Tool

This is more of a navigation rather than zoom. When you want to move from one side of the screen to another, just click H to bring up the hand tool Then click and drag to navigate. Alternatively, the quickest way to navigate is by clicking the space bar and clicking and holding down your mouse, and dragging.

Zooming from the Viewing Menu

Go to the top view menu and choose View> Zoom in or Out. When you click in it zooms in and vice versa.

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