How to Use iPad as a Drawing Tablet for PC

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If you are wondering How you can use iPad as a Drawing Tablet for PC, you will be suprised how many alternative ways exist. Apple products are very compatible with each other but are difficult to connect with other devices such as PC and Android.

Additionally, most Tablets such as iPads do not need a computer connection to use. Sometimes however, you might need to use software installed on your PC but not your iPad.

In this article i will show you exactly How to Use iPad as a Drawing Tablet for PC. For MAC users How to use iPad as a Drawing Tablet for MAC.

To do this, you will simply need to install Easy Canvas app.

What you need to Use iPad as a Drawing Tablet for PC

  1. iPad with apple pencil support
  2. USB C-Cable
  3. Adobe Illustrator Software or any other you want Installed on PC.
  4. Easy Canvas
  5. Graphic Design Computer

How to start Drawing on iPad

  • Install Easy Canvas on your iPad and Pc
  • Stat up the App on Windows PC
  • Connect USB Cable
  • Open the app on your iPad

What are standalone drawing tablets

As the name suggests, they are tablets that have their own screen and computer so you do not need a PC or Mac connection to use. Most standalone drawing tablets are a little more expensive than drawing tablets with a screen. However, beginners can still get cheap options such as Simbans PicassoTab with the same level of efficiency but at a fair price.

Apple iPads are some of the best examples of tablets that are not computers dependant. You may however want to use it on a PC or MAC just for fun maybe or if you do not have iPad drawing Apps.

But before we go on it is important to note that iPads are not the same as standard tablets. They are more efficient and fast although more expensive.

The best thing about this process is that you will be using your computers speed and not your iPad which is most likely relatively slow. The apple pencil mimics a real pencil as if you were creating a hand drawn illustration.

However, if you intend to draw professionally or use your tablet as a portable device, then check out the best iPad you can choose for drawing.

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