How To Use Huion Tablet: A Step by Step Guide

Using a drawing tablet is easy and straight forward. However if you have never used one it may be a little complicated to start off. In this article, we will show you How To Use Huion Tablet. The approach you will take when using your Huion Tablet depends on whether you have a Pen Tablet, Graphic tablet or a Standalone Tablet from Huion. First lets explain the difference between these 3 types of tablets.

Pen Tablet

A pen tablet is a tablet that does not have a screen and computer. The tablet needs a computer for the screen and computer software. The Tablet only provides a surface to draw on. They are cheap and are considered as the best beginner level tablets. A good example is Huion H610 Pro. We will use it as our case study for How to use Huion Pen Tablets.

How To Use Huion Pen Tablet

How To Use Huion Tablet – Huion H610 Pro

To use the Huion H610 Pro tablet, start by installing necessary software and drivers on your computer. When you buy the tablet from Huion Store, you will get a free USB Cable. Use it to connect it to the computer. The drivers can be downloaded from Huion’s official website.

The next step is customizing the tablet to your needs. Open the Huion driver software and make any changes you want. You can set the pen pressure sensitivity, express keys and also map the tablet area to your computer screen. Set the Huion H610 Pro as the default input device on the drawing software you want to use.

After that you can now use the Huion H610 Pro tablet to draw. You can also configure the express keys to any function or shortcut you want.

Graphic Tablets

Graphic tablets are similar to pen tablets only that they have their inbuilt screens. However just like pen tablets, they lack a computer to install software on it. They depend on a computer connection to use the software. You can view your computer display on your tablet screen and draw on it. Huion Kamvas 13 is a good example of a graphic tablet.

How to use Huion Kamvas 13

How To Use Huion Tablet

The process you follow when using Huion Kamvas 13 is very similar to Huion H610 Pro. You will first connect the tablet to your computer using the USB cable it came with. After that install the drivers needed just like you did on a pen tablet. You can also set similar items like the pen pressure sensitivity and short cuts.

Standalone Tablets/ Pen Computer Tablets

These types of tablets have both a screen and computer and do not need a computer connection to use. You can use them as fully portable tablets because they have a storage space and computer where you can install software. The best example is Huion Kamvas Studio 22.

How to use Huion Tablets Huion Kamvas Studio 22

You can choose between using this tablet with a computer or not. If you use with a computer, the connection process is similar to the Pen and Graphic Tablet. However, for the best user experience, install the drawing software you intend to use on your tablet. You can then draw from the tablet without having to connect to a computer.

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