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How to use an iPad as a Drawing Tablet with a PC

Today I will show you How to use an iPad as a Drawing Tablet with a PC. When using an iPad as a drawing tablet, you are offered a load of options that make your experience and interaction better.

Since Apple’s Macs are quite expensive to purchase, most artists would love to be able to run iPads with Microsoft’s Windows. 

It is possible, and you can be able to use the iPad Pro as a drawing tablet, unleashing an experience like no other with no need for a computer.

When using such a combination between an iPad and a PC, you will encounter minor issues. For example, late pen display response. However, we can guarantee you that it is just a minor issue compared to the reliability you get from your iPad.

However, plugging it into a PC will enable it to run a Windows drawing app and enhance your workflow and that’s where this guide comes in.

How to use an iPad as a Drawing Tablet


  1. iPad (with Apple Pencil support)
  2. Apple Pencil that is compatible with your iPad
  3. Computer (Windows or Mac)
  4. Stable Wi-Fi network connection
  5. Drawing software on your computer

Using an iPad as drawing pad

Astropad has been in the picture for some time now, and it was from the start used to transform iPads into drawing tablets like the Huion tablets.

The new Astopad Project Blue continues the reputation, allowing you to interface your iPad to a Windows PC.

Since it is in the public beta, you can download it for free to both your Apple iPad and the PC you want to connect it to.

Once downloaded, you can enjoy working with your iPad with a PC, by simply connecting the two via a Bluetooth connection. You can also use a USB cable if you need a wired physical connection, which is highly recommended over the former.

When the connection is done, the iPad will mirror your PC with a workspace sidebar providing useful tools such as brushes and pencils.

The Astropad Project Blue uses Windows Ink Tablet driver API to support pressure sensitivity and it works perfectly with the Apple Pencil.

It further supports most drawing programs including Clip Studio Paint, Blender, and Z brush. However, it does not support Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop, a con that would be a deal-breaker for some of the artists. Download Astropad Project Blue

How to use an iPad as a Drawing Tablet with a PC Duet Display

Former Apple engineers designed the Duet display, compatible with both iPads and Windows. It is effective for drawing as it supports stylus input with additional support for customizable features like tilt and pressure.

Once you download the app to your iPad and PC, you connect them using a USB cable, then the iPad boots automatically mirroring to your desktop.

One thing you’ll need to do is adjust your PC’S resolution settings for a display similar to that on the iPads.

The best version of the Duet Display is the Duet Pro version, which enhances the Apple Pencil’s performance with pressure and tilt features among other advanced features.

Similar to most iPad/PC connections, the Duet has the same minor latency issue, meaning a late pen display response on your PC.

The Duet Display is designed to have a minimal drain effect on the CPU and battery, enabling you to use the iPad at high speeds for a long period away from your charger.

It is quite affordable for users who need the connection with the standalone package going for $19.99 at App Store.

The Duet Air package costs a little more, $24 since you get additional features like wireless connection, but we recommend the premium Duet Pro which goes for $34.

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