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How to shutdown and turn off Chromebook

How can you shut down or turn off Chromebooks? When not using your tablet or any other electronics, it is advisable to turn them off. However, most tablet users are not sure whether this concept also applies to Chromebooks.

If you want to know whether it does, just read on. If you prefer a video guide, just click on the link.

How to Turn Off Chromebook

If you just want to know how to turn off Chromebooks, below are two easy ways to do it.

On the top or side of your tablet, find the power button. Press the button and hold it down for at least 30 seconds while looking at your screen.

A power-off option will appear on your screen. Click on it, and the device immediately turns off.

Just like iPads run on iPadOS and Android tablets run on AndroidOS, Chromebooks run on ChromeOS. The second way you can power it off is by using Chrome OS options.

From your screen, choose the clock and click on it. A power option will appear. Alternatively, you can click on the settings option represented by a gear icon on the tablet screen.

After that, choose the power-off option from the menu.

Turn off Chromebook instead of Sleep Mode

Sometimes you may notice that as you try to turn off your Chromebook,it goes into sleep mode instead of turning off. If you want to avoid this and completely turn it off, here is how to do it.

Using the Power Button to Turn off Chromebooks

The easiest way to do it is by using the power button option. It can be found on the top or on either side of the tablet.

Simply click on the button and hold it down for 3 to 4 seconds. Your screen will display a message to power off your Chromebook. Choose the option, and your device will power off.

Some Chromebooks will skip the second step and just go black-and-white after holding down the power button for a while.

Using the Settings Menu to Turn off Chromebooks

The second way you can power it off is by using the native settings menu on your tablet.

On the Chrome OS interface, click on the clock once or the settings icon. After that, click the power off or shutdown option that comes up.

Please note that the settings or interface may differ depending on the version of ChromeOS you have on your tablet.

turn off Chromebook

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Can my Chromebook power off when I close the lid?

The Chromebook lid is both sensitive and active. However, it will not power off the tablet when you close it while in use. It will only send the tablet into sleeping mode.

Sleeping mode will allow you to pause your work for a while and resume immediately after you open the lid at where you left off. Additionally, this mode will help you conserve power because most tablet functions will not be running actively.

Please be warned that this mode is different from the full power-off mode discussed above.

The best thing about lid settings is that they are fully customizable to what you want; sleep mode is, however, the default option.

How to Change Lid Settings on a Chromebook

  1. Navigate to the bottom right corner and choose the system tray option. The system tray is represented by a clock-like icon.
  2. Go to the settings option by clicking the wheel icon. A menu will come up.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and choose Lid Settings or When Closed, depending on your OS version.
  4. Choose between sleep and Turn off the display, shut down, or do nothing from the drop-down menu.
  5. Close the menu, and when you close the lid next, the setting you choose will be implemented.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is the Chromebook not turning off?

    Like many other tablets, you may experience frozen screens on the Chromebook. Do not be alarmed. Choose Search + Esc, and a task manager menu comes up. It will list all the running programs.
    Stop the programs, starting with the ones consuming too much memory. This will be displayed on the right side of your task manager display.

  2. Where is the Google Chromebook’s power button?

    In regular Google Chromebook tablets, the power button is either on the side or on the top of the tablet. If your tablet comes with a keyboard, the button is also found on the top right corner of the keyboard.