How to remove background in Photoshop in 3 easy methods

There are a number of ways you can remove backgrounds from images in Photoshop. Today I will show you How to remove background in Photoshop cs6 easily.

This guide is for beginners who are starting off on the software. If you want to learn how to use Photoshop professionally, check out cheap online Photoshop Courses. You can also contact us if you need background removal services within 12 hours.

How to remove background in Photoshop cs6 for Simple images

  1. First of all open the image you want to remove the background with Photoshop.
  2. Double click on the image to unlock it then hit CTRL J ON PC or Command J on Mac. This will duplicate the image layer. Click the eye on the lower layer so that it is inactive
  3. Use the Magic Wand tool and then click on the solid background color. Make sure the top layer is selected.
  4. Hit delete on your keyboard and the background will be deleted. However, some areas such as the A and B still have the background in the circles.
  5.  Zoom in and select the magic wand tool again. Click on the unwanted color and delete it.
How to remove background in Photoshop cs6 for Simple images

How to Zoom in and Zoom out in Photoshop CS 6

To zoom in, click Ctrl + or Ctrl – to zoom out. However, if you want to zoom to a specific area, select the magnifying glass tool, click and drag over the area you want to zoom in. To Zoom out hold down Alt and click on the mouse

How to remove background in Photoshop cs6 for more complex images

This method will work for images with a simple solid background and are of high quality. For complex images, you can use the quick selection tool.

  1. The first step is duplicating the image by clicking Ctrl J and hiding the bottom layer,
  2. Click on the quick selection tool, then click and drag over the areas you want to keep.
  3. To remove a section click Alt and click once on the mouse to deselect. Please check the video for easy understanding.
  4. After this click Ctrl J and it will create a layer with only the selected areas. Shut down the other layers to remain with the image without a background.

Both these methods are easy and good for simple and slightly complex images. In our next article, we will explain in the Advanced guide, How to remove backgrounds in Photoshop for any complex images.

How to save images without Backgrounds in Photoshop

If you want to use your image without a background, you need to save it in a specific format.

PNG format saves the image without a background and when you place it on any other image, it will take up the image as a background. After removing the background, go to File, Save as, and choose PNG.

If you are in a hurry and do not want a specific image for your design, you can download premade PNG images for your designs. So where can I download PNG images for free?

How to remove backgrounds from images online

If you do not know where to buy Adobe Photoshop or can not use it, you can easily upload images to removebg. You will be able to remove backgrounds for free. Unfortunately, just like most online tools, to get the most out of it you need the paid option of the tool. Luckily removebg is fast and a cheap way to get it done.

Where can I download PNG images for free?

A PNG format image is an image that has no background. They are useful for designers because you can just place them on a custom background without needing to spend time cutting out the original backgrounds. So where can I download transparent background PNG images for free? 

Stick PNG

The first option is Stick PNG. On the Homepage, you have a search bar where you can type the name of the PNG you would want. For example, I want a lion with a transparent background. I will just type Lion in search and press enter. Once I find the one I want, I just click to open the press the download button.

Go to illustrator and open a new file. Then go to file then place and look for the lion image. When we put a background behind it, the lion takes it as the background.


The second alternative is SUB PNG. It works in a similar way to Stick PNG. You just type what you need in the search bar. Let us look for a chair this time. I will choose this one. Click free download and perform the captcha to prove you are a human. We will perform the same test we did for the lion.


On PNG PIX, you do not have to only type on the search bar to download your PNG. They have a category section on the top right bar, where you can choose your category. Let us choose cars for this one.  When we select the category, many options pop up and you can choose the one you want. I will choose this Audi. You can then click the download button to get it.

Free PNG img

This one works the same way as the others. On the homepage, however, you will get some broad suggested categories where you can choose the one you want. It will lead you to a page with suggested images for the category chosen. You will also have some similar categories on the sidebar.


Last but not least is PNG GURU. The process is more or less the same as the others. Enjoy saving time and creating designs fast with Free PNG sites.  Remember to hit the Subscribe button and the bell icon to get updated when we post new Graphic Design tips and tutorials.


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