How to measure tablet Screen size Easily in 2023

What is the size of your Tablet Screen? Measuring a tablet’s size is very similar to a laptop. To measure the size of a tablet, just place it on the table and a ruler along its length, width, and thickness.

This will give the overall tablet size that will help choose a bag or judge its portability. A large tablet is more comfortable than a small one. However, the large size forgoes portability.

Screen size

How to measure tablet screen size

To measure tablet screen size, just place your ruler or tape measure across from corner to corner of your screen just like you did on the laptop. Make sure to ignore bezels.

The size of the screen or tablet you choose depends on the size. I recommend a large tablet for artists, gaming, or watching movies. For reading and writing, I recommend a 10 to 12-inch tablet.

For both laptops and tablets, you can check the sizes by going to their settings and about pages. You will get all their specs including screen and product size.

Knowing How to measure laptop sizes will help you know whether to go for a laptop or not or help a friend choose the best laptop for them. You can measure a lot of aspects on a laptop. However, when someone asks you what the size of a laptop is, they are normally referring to the screen size.

How to measure laptop screen size

A laptop screen size is measured in inches. Larger screen sizes from 17 inches provide a better user experience than small ones overall provide a better user experience.

However, they are highly limited in terms of portability. There are a number of ways to measure your laptop screen size. Here are the easiest.

A laptop screen size is measured from corner to corner. If you have bought the laptop, just place a ruler or tape measure from the bottom to the alternate top corner of the screen and take the reading.

If you do not have the laptop around you, just google the name of the laptop and various merchant sites will come up with the laptop’s specifications.

Alternatively, you can go to trusted review sites such as justkreativek and check out their reviews for different laptops. 

On the sidebar of this article, you can type the brands of laptops you want and then hit enter. You will get all the specs for the laptops. When measuring screen size, make sure to ignore the bezels.

What are Bezels on a screen?

Bezels refer to the areas around the screen. They are part of the laptop’s body. Most modern laptops feature very thin bezels to maximize working area and make the laptop look sleek and modern.

How to measure laptop for bag

The above measurement will show the screen size or working area. It will exclude the thickness and full product size which is important when choosing a laptop bag or judging the laptop’s portability.

If you are wondering How to measure a laptop for a bag the process is easy and straightforward. Place your ruler along the length and width of a closed laptop. Then measure the laptop’s thickness. 

When choosing your bag or sleeve, it needs to be bigger than these measurements. You will read the length as Length x width x thickness.

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