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How to make a stencil on Cricut in 5 steps

In this article, we will walk you through the steps on how to make a stencil on Cricut. Stencils are designs that are cut into material and then overlaid onto a surface such as fabric or canvas.

There is no better way or time to learn how to make your own stencil using a Cricut machine, considering the recent trend of personalizing items continues to grow.

You can use your iPad or your own computer or tablet with your Cricut, as well as the Explorer line-up of machines.

Your Cricut is the best tool to use when it comes to making stencils, as it takes all the hard work out of the cutting process to have a perfect and professional stencil.

How to make a stencil on Cricut

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a stencil on Cricut

video by my Inkie Fingers

Import your image to Cricut Design Space

Open my design space. Click on uploads to import your image. Click on the picture, then click at the top right corner where it says add to canvas, and the picture will automatically import into the design space. 

make a stencil on Cricut

Add a box around the file

Click on the shapes in the top-left corner. Select the square and click on it. Resize it to your desired size. The shape will hide the image, but not to worry; just easily click on arrange and send the shape to the back.

Now your image will be on top and the square at the back.

Add a box around the file

Convert to a cut file

To cut, click the red slash that is at the top of the screen, indicating print and cut. Choose the cut option to switch from print to cut.

Duplicate designs

If you require duplicate designs on one cutout, there is an icon on the top right side of the panel that is for duplication. 

Click on the duplicate icon to have your design duplicated all over the space. The duplicates will form layers.

Group designs

Select all the designs you want grouped and click on the group icon, and they will be grouped. You can click on the weld button, so you have two layers.

Summary: How to make a stencil on Cricut

  1. Import your image to Cricut Design Space
  2. Add a box around the file
  3. Convert to a cut file
  4. Duplicate designs
  5. Group designs

How to slice on Cricut

Select the design and center it. Then go to the bottom of the page, and you will find a slice button. After clicking, a stencil will be formed. Get rid of the two top layers and cut the stencil layer.

How to slice on cricut

Cutting stencils on Cricut

To cut, you go to the icon, make it, click continue, and then click the material button. Choose the material to use and cut it out.

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