How To Make A Spiral Text Effect In 4 Easy Steps

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Today we will show you how to make a Spiral text effect design in 4 simple steps. We will be using Adobe Illustrator Cs6 but you can use any version later than Cs4. You can also use Photoshop to achieve the same effect but we will cover that in a later post.

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Spiral text effect
Spiral text effect

Before we start, it is important to note: This tutorial assumes you have Adobe Illustrator Software. It also assumes you have basic navigational Knowledge of the Software. If not we recommend this course on Fiverr for only 20$. We have done a review of the beginners and pro levels of the course.

We also want to thank you for checking out this article, under the new Learn Graphic Design segment of our website. If you prefer a video, you can also check out our easy-to-follow video tutorial too.

How to make a Spiral text effect in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Set up text

When you have Adobe illustrator open, Go to File> New and set the page specifications you want. We will work with 1000 x1000 pixels.

Go to the type tool and click once on the artboard to type the words. I will use Justcreative and Designs as the text. To set the font right click on the text and choose the font. We will use Gotham Black but you can use anyone that you want.

We will create white text with a black outline but you can choose any style that you like. The font specs I used are Gotham Black, 74 points, and 3 points black outline.

Step 2: Duplicate text

With the selection tool selected, and the shift and Alt keys pressed in, click and drag the text to the bottom. This duplicates the text.

Alternatively, You can also with the text selected, click Ctrl+C to copy then Ctrl+F to paste it on top. Holding the shift so that it goes on a straight line, you can drag the copy toward the bottom of the board.

So your screen will look like the below image.

Step 1 Spiral text effect
Step 2: Duplicate text

We need to add the text on the sides. Select one of the texts then copy and paste it by clicking Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. Edit out the third Justcreative (your text) and change the text to Designs (your second text).

Turn it and put it on the left and right such that it forms a square or rectangle shape. After this select all by clicking Ctrl+A then group all by pressing Ctrl+G. Now your screen looks like the below image.

Step 2b: Rotate text
Step 2b: Rotate text

Step 3: Add Spiral Effect

Remember to have the objects grouped. With the group selected go to Effect,>Distort and transform and choose Transform. This menu pops up.

image 3 1024x828 1
Add Spiral Effect

For the scale choose 90% both vertical and horizontal. This means that for every transform instance, the illustrator will reduce the image by 90%. You can toggle the preview to see a sample.

For the move, we will leave it as default 0 because we do not want the design to move outside the area.

Go to copies and set it to 15 copies. This tells Adobe illustrator to do the transform effect 15 times. Now the final step is adding the spiral feel.

Go to the angle and set it to 3 degrees depending on how much you want the spiral to bend. Higher values will mean more spirals.

Add Spiral Effect
Add Spiral Effect

Here are some examples of t-shirt designs that have applied the design.

Step 4: removing Outlines

To increase the spacing, double-click on one of the words to get into the group and move it as you want. We have moved the top Justcreative up and the bottom one further down to get 2 spaces along

In the final step, we need to remove the outline such that the black line is a space between the letters such that the line becomes a blank space and you can print it as a 1 color job.

Go to Edit>Edit Colors> Invert Colors. The colors are reversed. Go to Object>Rasterize, then image trace and expand. Click any white area on the graphic with the direct selection tool, Select>Same fill color then click Delete.

The final graphic will look like the below image and will be in 1 color. You can set it to any color that you want.

Step 4: removing Outlines
Step 4: removing Outlines

If you are however in a hurry and just need a cool free text template to use for a design, check out our next article on How To Make A 3D Layered Text Using Adobe Illustrator Easily.

How to make a Spiral text effect in 4 Easy Steps

  • Step 1: Set up text
  • Step 2: Duplicate text
  • Step 3: Add Spiral Effect
  • Step 4: removing Outlines

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