How to make a Lyric Video in After Effects

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Today i will show you How To Make A Lyric Video for your song. Lyric Videos are a big trend in the music industry. Sometimes they are used before the official music video release or even as the final official video for a song. A lyric video contains an audio and artistic display of lyrics to accompany it.

A lyric video can contains, the audio song synchronized with the song’s lyrics animated on the screen. On some instances, it also contains graphic effects and animated characters to help tell the story or narrative better. Nowadays, whether for their songs or YouTube projects, many people prefer lyric videos because unlike traditional music videos, where you have to hire a whole team and spend a lot of time, you only need to hire a graphic designer or even do it yourself which can be relatively very fast and cheap.

3 Cool Animated Lyric Videos on You tube

Replacing a music video with the cheaper and faster animated Lyric video therefore does not take away from the songs popularity but to the contrary, fans are able to easily sing along to your song.

  • 1. David Guetta – Shot Me Down ft. Skylar Grey (Lyric Video) with only a lyric video, has got over 500 million views on You tube
  • 2. Mavado Father God with a simple animated Lyric Video has got over 28 Million views
  • 3. Although Otile Brown x Meddy – Dusuma (official Lyrics Video) combines simple choreography videos too most of it contains Lyric Videos and seems very cheap to produce than would be a  full Music video. Despite this, it has still earned over 35 million views.

Best Lyric video Designers for Hire Today

If you prefer a professional lyric video artist to do it for you, we have compiled some of the best you can work with for a great design for your project.

5 Best Lyric video Designers for Hire Today

Best Animated Lyric video Designers

I will create a professional animation for your music video

lithira_opatha will make an awesome animation loop for your lyrics video , music video. You may have a concept for your video. if you don’t  lithira_opatha will make one according to your lyrics or meaning of the song.

  1.  Provide me your idea about the animation . if u don’t have any idea we can discuss
  2.  You will see a rough sketch concept and the basic animations of the video
  3. After the confirmation of the concept ,then the drawing with colors.
  4. After 4 – 5 days you will get the Animation Loop


Basic: I will provide the animation loop only( 6 – 15 second loop only). Job will be ready in 14 Days Delivery with 2 Revisions the files delivered will be Ultra HD (4k) for 90$

Standard: i will provide the animation loop with your music added. Job will be ready in 21 Days Delivery with 2 Revisions the files delivered will be Ultra HD (4k) for 110$

Premium: i will provide the animation loop with your music added. Job will be ready in 21 Days Delivery with 4 Revisions the files delivered will be Ultra HD (4k) for 140$

Price is for a SINGLE SHOT LOOP ANIMATION ( if u want more than one please contact me before placing the order )

I will create an animated lyric video for your song

We are SH Motion Lab, We are experts in Motion Videos, we have more than 4 years of experience. Our lyric videos are created according to your song vibe. What you should be expecting is something Adapted to your song and the feel it reveals. We make lyric videos for any type Track

We can create lyric videos in other languages too;

  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • German
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Danish

We can create any kind of video editing jobs. There are 4 videos in one, so check our full gig promo video.


Basic: Animated lyric video with animated background length at 180 Seconds Running Time (check last video of my gig video). You will get files in 2 Days and you will also have Unlimited Revisions too for 25$.

Standard: Custom animated lyric with animated background lenght at 240 Seconds Running Time. You will get files in 4 Days and you will also have Unlimited Revisions too for 75$.

Premium: Animated video with custom character as like the first video of my gig. length at 280 Seconds Running Time (check last video of my gig video). You will get files in 6 Days and you will also have Unlimited Revisions too for 125$.

Step by Step How To Make A Lyric Video In After Effects

There are many ways you can use to make a cool Lyric Video. However, if you are serious with your music, and need to ultimately make money out of it, you either need to consider hiring a professional Lyric Video Artist, or use professional software to come up with high-end visuals for your product.

In this article, I will show you how to use Adobe After effects to make a simple but professional lyric video and also the best professionals you can hire to make professional videos for you at very affordable prices. The text may be a little confusing so I recommend you follow the video.

Step by Step How To Make A Lyric Video In After Effects

If you wish to do it yourself, here is a step by step guide how you can make a simple and professional Lyric Video. You can follow the video, or the simple text guide. You will need Adobe After Effects.

Step 1: Open up After Effects and create a New Composition. I will set mine to 1920 by 1080 and 30 seconds long set yours to the length of your song.

Step 2: Go to text tool and type the first line of the Lyrics.  I will be doing Lock down by Coffee, so my first line is “Where Will We go”. I wilL change the font. the link to this font is in the description. You can set to any that you want. Then i will change the bottom to orange and make it a little bigger.

Step 3:  Now let’s animate the text. We need the text to animate in, Pause then animate out. Go to window, Effects and Presets. Type 3D basic position then drag and drop on your text.3D basic position is a preset that comes with After effects but can use any text animation preset that you like.

Step 4: Now our text will automatically be animated. Press U to view the key frames. Move the second key frame to the 10th or 15th frame position.

Step 5: Go to Effects and presets then search fade up words. Drag to your text layer. Press U to see the key frames. Move the key frames the first on the 2 seconds mark and the next on 2 seconds and 15 frames.

Step 6: Our first animation stops working because of the Fade up words effect.  Select the 2 key frames and right click Key frame assistant, Time Revers.

Step 7: Select all key frames and easy ease by pressing F9. Now we have an animation in and out. Select the Layer and right click precompose it. I will call mine Lyric 1.

Step 8: Let’s add a background. Go to Layer, New solid layer and leave the settings as default. I will call it

Background. Drag this layer to the bottom then Double click lyric one layer to go into the composition.

Step 9: We do not need the full 30 seconds because our animation ends at 3 seconds. Go to the 3 seconds position and press N. Right click at the top and trim comp to work area.  Great . Now its 3 seconds long. Go back to your main composition.

Step 10: Now this is the most important part. We want to use this Lyric one as our template. Go to the frame where the text finishes animating in. Right Click, Go to Markers then add marker. Right click on the mark created and go to settings. I will name it start.

Step 11: Go to the position where the text starts animating out. Do the same but

 name this one End. Now we have start and End Markers. Let’s make them useful.

Step 12: Right click the layer, Go to time, enable time remapping. Go to your start marker and add a key frame then to your end marker and add a key frame. Press, Alt Click, on the clock on time remapping and paste the expression in the description. What this does, it gives you the ability to adjust the speed of the animation. When you move the start marker this way, the animation comes in a little slower. When you move the end marker this way, it stays for a shorter time and animates out faster. Put the markers back as they were.

Step 13: Lets add our song. Just drag and drop. Then drag it into composition. Click L twice to view wave form and make sure audio is on to hear the song. Now, Go to where the first Lyric is and drag the Lyric layer there. For the second Lyric, click Control +D to duplicate the layer. When you change this layer it will affect the first Layer, so you need to delink it.

Step 14:  Go to the project Section and duplicate Lyric one composition again by Control+ D. With this selected then press Alt Backslash. It will replace the second Lyric 1 layer with Lyric 2. Double click Lyric 2 and add the second Lyric. Move it to position. If the audio stays longer than the animation, adjust using the start and end markers. Keep doing this for the whole song.

Step 15:  Let me do the 3rd Lyric. Control D lyric 2, Control D Lyric 2 Comp. Control Alt /. Double click Lyric 3. Add the text. To add an image or video behind, just drag to projects file and put it above the Background Layer. Press S to scale. To get this template, click the link in the description.

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