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How to Install Huion Tablet Drivers in 4 easy steps

In this guide, we will go step by step to show you how to install Huion Tablet drivers on your Windows and MAC, to use with your Huion Graphic Tablet. It is important to note that failure to follow the right process may result in your tablet not working or having problems.

We recommend you carefully follow the steps we have provided. In case of any questions just contact us or visit Huion’s Official Page.

In our past reviews, we found Huion Drawing tablets to be not only very fairly priced but also high quality and professional. When you buy them, however, you will need to install Huion Tablet Drivers to work effectively.

What to consider before installing Huion Tablet Drivers

Make sure your computer runs on Windows 7 and above or MacOS 10.12 and above. You must uninstall previous graphic tablet drivers from your computer. Now that you have uninstalled the previous drivers, make sure you restart your computer.

Finally, close all graphic and antivirus programs. After making sure you have overseen the above precautions, you can now begin the Huion drivers installation.

How to install Huion Drivers on Windows

First, Visit the official Huion drivers site using this link Driver-H580X. After that, Choose the drivers that fit your device and download the drivers.

Huion Tablet Drivers

Once you do this, extract the zip file and double-click on the setup.

Follow the installation process and make sure you do not change the default path. One common error most people make is changing the default path when installing, which can cause drivers to fail.

Huion Drivers

After installing the drivers, you can now launch and you will be able to see the Device connected, meaning the process is successful.

huion tablet driver

Before installing your drivers or connecting your Huion Tablet, we recommend first uninstalling existing drivers. Here is how to do it for both MAC and PC.

How to uninstall Huion drivers on Windows OS

  1. Step 1; click the Window’s button on the bottom left of your screen and on the pop-up that comes up, open the control panel.
  2. Step 2; once opened, click on “uninstall a program’’.
  3. Step 3; select “Huiontablet” and click “uninstall/change”.
  4. Step 4; click “uninstall” on the pop-up that comes up and finally click on “uninstalled”.
  5. By now you have completed the uninstallation of Huion drivers from your device.

How to uninstall Huion drivers on MACOS

  1. Step 1; go to “Finder”, then click on “Applications”
  2. Step 2; further find the Huiontablet folder and click on “TabletDriverUninstall”.
  3. Step 3; input your Mac account password and you have successfully uninstalled the Huion Drivers.
  4. If by any chance you encounter the “TabletDriverUninstall fail” notification, just restart your device.

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