How To get graphic Design Jobs online fast and easy Today

This article will share one of the best ways How To Get Graphic Design Jobs Online. Without any delay the focus will be on Fiverr, a platform that has worked so far for me and some of my friends for over 5 years now. The only way to earn anything in Fiverr is to get Ranked on Page 1.

So how about getting ranked on the first page of Fiverr? Well, I’m going to show you how to do that. In this video, I’m going to give you seven hacks on how to get ranked on Fiverr on the first page.

Before we get started, let me introduce myself. My name is Denis Maina from Justcreativek. I’m an online entrepreneur and Graphic Designer. I talk about graphic design and I’m here to help new graphic design enthusiasts and students, know how they can earn money online by offering graphic design services. Connect with me on Instagram, Linked in

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How To Get Graphic Design Jobs Online
How To Get Graphic Design Jobs Online

If you first want to learn graphic designs and services to offer, I highly recommend you first go back to these 2 articles Best online Adobe Illustrator Classes and Best online Adobe Photoshop Classes. They will explain these Graphic Design courses in depth.

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The tips in this article are applicable to people offering different services too and not limited to Graphic Design. For marketing your gigs please check  

7 Steps How To Rank On First Page Of Fiverr

I’m going to give you seven hacks on how to rank your gig in Fiverr. And this is something very difficult because there’s such a big competition in Fiverr that getting your stuff ranked in Fiverr is like getting something ranked in Google. 

You got to be strategic, and you got to know how to rank things. It’s similar to writing a blog post. It’s a tricky combination, but once you learn how to do that, it makes it a lot easier to get your stuff ranked. Especially as a new person on Fiverr, it’s like these people are only spending $5. They’re serious about spending their $5. They want to spend $5. They’re very serious. They don’t want to lose this $5 to whatever they’re doing. There are some tight people out there. They don’t want to spend this $5, all right? So getting these guys to spend their $5 on your gigs is what we’re trying to do here. It’s the goal, okay?

7 Steps How To Rank On First Page Of Fiverr

  1. SEO
  2. Make The First Sale Fast
  3. Create An Eye-Catching Offer
  4. Use Buyer Requests
  5. Start At Your Gigs $5
  6. Have your friends buy gigs and leave reviews


The number one thing is SEO. You got to know search engine optimization. This is very common on YouTube, on Google, when you’re writing blogs or making videos. You got to understand search engine optimization and this is all done by keyword search. So you do keyword search and this is something you have to do or you’re never going to get ranked on Fiverr.

I’ll show you, in a second, how Fiverr uses search, and how you can get your keywords that you need to use in your titles and your descriptions and your tags in your Fiverr gigs to make it so you get ranked using search engine optimization. If we run over here to Fiverr real quick, you’ll see here Fiverr. 

Let’s just do an instance where we search for a logo. All of a sudden, you’ll see logo and you’ll see logo design, business logo, and minimalist. These are keywords that you want to actually put in your tags, in your description, in the title of your gig. This is actually stuff that people are looking for and it’s populating through here. And if you do a similar search in Google, you’ll get similar search results. So this is something that you want to do in your Fiverr gig. 

Make The First Sale Fast

The number two hack is making the first sale fast. You want to make your first sale very quickly. This is the toughest part because the first sale you make, then you want to hurry up and get it done as fast as possible. Get it completed so you can get a review and start to have momentum.

So get that first sale as fast as possible. I know it’s easier said than done because if you’re not ranking on the first page, then how am I going to get the first sale? It’s very tricky, but here are some tips on how to get your first sale:

Create an eye-catching offer

Your offer needs to be eye-catching. Spend some serious time on your offer and spend some serious time on your logos, your video, your title. All that stuff is very important because that’s what people see when they come to your gig. So make it as good as possible. You want to spend the most amount of time as possible setting up your gig and your video, your slide, or whatever you’re doing there. You want to make it look as professional and eye-catching as possible. 

Use buyer requests

You want to go to buyer requests, see if there’s anything in there, and reply to them. Try to sell your gig to these buyer requests. There’s always somebody in there looking for a specific thing. And if you can give them that specific ask, then that’s another way to get a sale. You could just tell them, “Hey, I’m new. I only charge $5 for this gig, while other people might be charging $15, $20,” and that may give you your first sale. 

Start at your gigs $5

That’s another tip, too, is you want to be at the $5 mark. Start low, you can start charging more money as you get more gigs. Start very low because when you’re new, you need to get the reviews, and you need to get them fast.

Have your friends buy gigs and leave reviews

 The next tip here is you have a few friends. If you have a few friends, just buy some gigs and give you reviews. You can give them their money back. You can give them their money and just tell them to buy gigs. But, guys, if you have friends that support you, have them buy some gigs from you and do some reviews so you can do some comments back and forth and you start getting that algorithm looking at your gigs. That’s another trick that’ll help you get your gig ranked faster. 

Deliver on time

Now, deliver your gigs on time. This is very critical because if you say you deliver your gigs within 12 hours, then make sure they’re there within 12 hours. The faster, the better because if you do it, say, “I’ll have your gig done in 24 hours,” and you give it to them in 12, then you’re possibly going to get a very good review, which will make the algorithm of Fiverr look at your gig and maybe rank it higher.

Communicate, communicate, communicate 

I can’t say this one enough. You want to communicate with your customers. You want to send emails, you want to reply to their comments, you want to do all that stuff. You want to communicate as much as possible. 

Promote Your Gigs

The number three hack is promoting your gigs. What I mean by promoting your gigs is promoting them on social media, on YouTube. So you could do a YouTube video, share them with what you do on Fiverr. If you’re making logos, maybe you do some demos with logos, and then put a link to your Fiverr gig in the description of your video. You can do this on Facebook as well. You can also do that on Facebook. You can do it on LinkedIn. 

Start a profile on LinkedIn and Facebook

If you don’t already have them. Start promoting yourself on these platforms. Forums; all kinds of forums out there, and Reddit. You can start your own blog. You can do this for very cheap. You can get a domain for pretty cheap. Start your own blog, start blogging about what you’re good at.

There are different ways to promote your gigs outside of Fiverr to get traffic back to Fiverr. Fiverr likes that. If you’re getting traffic outside of Fiverr coming into your gig, Fiverr will rank you really quick because they’d love to see people come in from outside of their platform to look for your gigs. So that’s just a tip on how to get you ranked faster by promoting your own gigs, outside of Fiverr. 

Be Available Online 24/7

The number four hack is, be available online as much as possible. When buyers come in and they see that little green light, that gives them a sense that you’re going to work on their gig right when they order it. People come into Fiverr, I do it myself, and I’ll look for people who are online. I’ll search the online gigs and pick somebody that’s online because I can order from or I could communicate with them right then and there. 

So try to be online logged in all the time because people like urgency. Even though you might say it’ll get done in 24 hours, but if I see somebody that’s green right now, it means I could talk to them and see if I can get it faster. People like that. So try to stay online as much as possible because Fiverr likes that and their algorithm will actually put you on top of people that aren’t online all the time. That’s also a trick, especially for newbies in Fiverr.

 Get Loyal Customers

The number five hack is to get loyal customers. Attract loyal customers. What this means is just be friendly to your customers. Don’t act out, act stupid, act silly. Don’t be unprofessional. Don’t cuss. Talk clearly. Give them good service. They have a question; answer their question. Don’t just try to sell, sell, and sell. Give them good service, give them value, and you’ll start selling your gigs because once somebody buys something from you, they’re more likely to come back if they have a good experience, and they will recommend your stuff, give you reviews to other people. It’s very important to make sure you start building that loyal customer base.

Good Conversion Rates

Number six hack is getting good conversion rates. This is very tricky. Clear as many orders as you can quickly as possible and I said that earlier. You want to get as many orders as fast as possible because this builds your momentum. You don’t turn down any orders. Try not to turn down any orders. If it’s something that you can do, do not turn it down because if you turn down an order, that that makes the algorithm for Fiverr drop you back down. 

Don’t cancel any orders.

Cancellations are really bad because Fiverr is not making any money when they see a cancellation come across. So those are really bad. You will get ranked fast for completing orders quickly. So complete your orders as fast as possible and complete as many as possible because that’s how you get ranked.

If you do complete orders quickly, and fast, you’ll get put in the Featured Gigs on their first page. That’s very powerful when somebody gets put in the Featured Gigs on Fiverr. So just make sure you do these things. Just be honest, quick, and don’t turn down stuff. Try not to cancel any of your orders. 

Promotion to a Higher Level

Now the seventh hack here is promotion to a higher level. You got different levels in Fiverr. You got new seller, and I think after you hit 10 sales, you get jumped to level one. Then it’s like 10 more sales and you get to level two. Now, mark my words on that but I’m pretty sure that’s what is said when I researched this. Just try to get to level two. 

If you notice, when you search for gigs on, let’s just say graphics design, logo design, you see this first page here. Now, top-rated seller, level two seller; see all these level two sellers? Lots of level two sellers here. There’s a level one so it’s not like level one is not going to show up here. These are new sellers here, you can see no mark. So you can see you can get ranked on here even if you are a new seller. Here’s a new seller on the first page. 

Gig Image

Make sure that you have a very nice-looking gig. Try to get a 90% response rate. These are all tips on how to get you promoted quickly. If you have a 90% response rate, a 90% order completion rate, a 90% on-time delivery, try to keep these things at 100%. If you do these three things, these are what gets you ranked really fast. Keep your ratings at 4.8 or above. 

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