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How to fix split keyboard on iPad; Permanently

In this article, show you How you can fix a split keyboard on iPad. If you like a phone-like experience when typing on your iPad, you have the option of typing with both thumbs on the left and right of the tablet like you would a phone.

To those who like this kind of feel, the iPad split keyboard is an awesome feature. However, it can be very annoying especially to those who do not how to resolve it.

How can you Fix a Split Keyboard on Your iPad?

Before we can start resolving the issue, it is important to note that not all iPads come with this capability. Below is a list of iPads with split screen capabilty. You can make sure your iPad is in the list before proceeding.

  • 5th generation Apple iPad mini (or later)
  • 5th to 9th Gen Apple iPad
  • 3rd gen iPad Air
  • 9.7 and 10.5-inch Apple iPad Pro

Fixing the split screen is not very challenging. To do this, just follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the bottom right icon and click to bring up some options.
  2. Choose dock and merge to join the split keyboard.
  3. Thats it, your iPad keyboard will be joined.
How to fix split keyboard on ipad
How to fix split keyboard on iPad

4. If you want to split it again, click on the same bottom right icon and now you will have a split icon.

5. Select split to split your keyboard again.

fix split keyboard on ipad

How to Disable the Split Keyboard on Your iPad

If you totally do not enjoy this setting, you can opt for a permanent fix so that it does not automatically switch from a merged to a split screen.

How to fix split keyboard on ipad
How to Disable the Split Keyboard on Your iPad
  1. Go to settings
  2. Choose keyboard on the right menu.
How to fix split keyboard on ipad

3. Choose the split keyboard option

4. Toggle off on the right to set it as off.

split keyboard on ipad
split keyboard on iPad

5. The split screen is switched off.

If you go back to the notes page and click the same icon, the merge and split keyboard option will no longer come up.


Split screen is a cool and comfortable feature on some iPads. However, it is not for everyone. If it is not for you, below are simplified steps how to stop split screen and permanently turn it off.

  1. <strong>How Can you fix split keyboard on an iPad</strong>?

    1. Go to the bottom right icon2. Choose dock and merge to join the split keyboard.3. To set it permanently, go to settings and choose keyboard on the right menu4. Choose the split keyboard option and toggle

  2. What is the difference between a floating and <strong>split keyboard on an iPad</strong>?

    The Floating Keyboard feature displays a small keyboard on the iPad screen that can be moved around. The floating keyboard seemingly resembles an iPhone keyboard displayed on your larger tablet screen size.The Split keyboard features the keyboard split in two halves on either side of the screen. It is still possible to move either of the keyboard halves. Check out how to set up and use a floating keyboard on iPads by Apple inc.

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