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3 Ways How to draw an arrow in illustrator

How can you make an arrow in illustrator? Arrows play an important part in many Graphic Design layouts. They create a sense of direction towards the content or elements they are directed to. This in turn helps highlight relevant areas of your design.

You can apply arrows when designing, infographics, books, menus, posters, directional signs and many more. There are different kinds of arrows that you can make, depending on the situation you want to use the arrows for.

For example, you can create curved arrows, hand drawn arrows and simple or standard arrows. The ability to create these different types of arrows will bring a wider variety to your work and overall creativity.

In this guide, you will learn how to create arrows in Adobe Illustrator using different methods and tools.

How to make an arrow in illustrator

There are a number of different methods you can apply to draw an arrow. Below are 4 methods of the easiest ones.

  1. Method 1: Using Stroke Panel
  2. Method 2: Using the Brush tool
  3. Method 3: Using the Symbols Library

Method 1: Using Stroke Panel to make an Arrow in Illustrator

You can create an arrow by simply adding an arrowhead to a line. This is one of the easiest method you can use to create an arrow.

The first step when doing this is creating a stroke with some thickness by using any tool you are comfortable with. I will use the Pen Tool you can choose it by hitting P on the keyboard. I have created 2 lines one curved and the other straight.

Using Stroke Panel

After drawing the lines, set the required weight by going to Window then Stroke on the top bar to get line options. I have set both of them to 12 points thickness.

Using Stroke Panel

From the stroke panel, you will notice a section written arrow heads. With the lines selected, click on the drop down and choose the best one you like. Automatically, an arrow head is added on the front of the lines.

If you want an arrow head and arrow tip, simply click on the box next to the head option. It adds a rear tip to your arrow.

arrow in illustrator

If you realize your arrow faces the wrong direction, you can use the stroke panel to flip it to the opposite direction. Simply click the below option with your arrows selected.

 flip arrow to the opposite

From the menu you can choose the stroke weight of your arrows, scale, direction and alignment. The profile allows you to choose the type of stroke to appear on your arrow.

Align arrow in ilustrator

If you want to change arrow color, simply select it, double click on the stroke color panel, and choose the color you want.

Add color to Arrow in Illustrator

Method 2: How to draw an Arrow Using the Brush tool

If you want to create diverse arrows, the brush tool has a lot of inbuilt templates that you can choose for your arrows. To draw arrows using the brush tool, go to Window > Brushes.

Method 2: How to draw an Arrow Using the Brush tool

Click on the three lines on the top corner of the brushes panel. Navigate to brush libraries, Arrows Library then choose Arrow special, Arrow pattern or Pattern Arrows.

Arrow pattern or Pattern Arrows.

Double click on any arrow and it will be imported to the arrow library. Now when you draw a line and double click on the arrow on the library, the stroke changes to an arrow.

Method 3: How to Draw an Arrow Using the Symbols Library

Finally, you can import premade arrows using the symbols panel. To navigate to the panel, simply go to Window > Symbols on the menu bar.

Draw an Arrow Using the Symbols Library

Click the 3 lines on the top right of the panel. It will bring up some options. Navigate to open symbol library at the bottom. Choose You will notice a new panel come up with many arrow templates. Drag and drop any of them to the Symbols panel, then later to the artboard.

Your arrow will be created.

Draw an Arrow


Drawing arrows in Adobe Illustrator is a straightforward process, and you can use various methods to create different arrow styles. Whether you need a simple straight arrow or a more complex and customized design, Illustrator offers the flexibility and tools to meet your design requirements.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily draw arrows and use them in your illustrations, diagrams, and graphics with ease.

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