How to cut vinyl on Cricut an easy step by step guide

Cricut Machines are versatile and can be used to create diverse types of materials. One of the most common used materials is Vinyl. If you would like to know how to cut Vinyl on Cricut machine, then this step by step guide is for you.

There are 2 different parts on Vinyl. You have a top paper layer that we cut and apply on materials while the bottom part is the paper liner that ensures the top sticker layer does not stick on things until it is cut out. Sort of peal able sticker.

How to cut vinyl on Cricut
How to cut vinyl on Cricut

There are many different types of Vinyl. The kind of surface you intend to use will determine the kind of Vinyl you can opt for. You can choose to use removable or temporary vinyl. This is good for temporary décor or seasonal décor projects. Basically those design decors that will at a point need to be removed. It leaves no residue when removed and can easily be replaced and changed.

Permanent vinyl is used for surfaces where the print is permanent such as windscreens, mugs, plates etc. The y is used for places they are not expected to be changed and are subject to wear and tear due to elements.

Apart from the strengths you can also get different varieties of finishes differentiating Vinyl. You can have different types from matte and foil to gloss and holographic finishes. This is basically how the top surface of the Vinyl feels and looks.

How to cut vinyl on Cricut What you need

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To get started you will need a number of supplies. First you will need a cutting machine I prefer Cricut Maker 3 but Cricut Air Explore 2 also works great.

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You will need to have a standard green grip mat to place your vinyl on and a weeding tool to remove the negative un needed parts of the Vinyl. Some people prefer using a needle to weed so the weeding tool is not a must have if you do not like it.

You will also need tape. The type of Vinyl that you are using will determine the type of transfer tape to use. For most types of vinyl, regular tape works perfectly. However, Shimer and glitter materials require stronger tape. You will notice the difference because the stronger tape is a little purple.

How to cut vinyl on Cricut

After designing your artwork, place your mat on the desk in front of you. Remove the clear liner on the mat and set it out for later. Place your Vinyl material on the mat and use your Paper trimmer to cut your vinyl to a size slightly larger than the area you need.

Align the top of the mat with the Vinyl paper and spread it. Select the type of material to get the right cut settings. Insert your mat and vinyl to start cutting. Once done, unload the Vinyl and mat.

After that weed out the negative areas with the vinyl still on the mat to keep it firm. Cut a piece of tape and place on the image. Flip the mat and pull the mat away from the vinyl. This protects your Vinyl from bubbling or damaging. Use your scrapper tool to transfer your vinyl onto the tape.

Clean the surface so that it is free from particles or oil that can compromise the sticking ability. After that peel the tape to expose your final design. Avoid cleaning for 24 hours until the design fully cures.

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