The Ultimate Guide On How To Clean A Cricut Mat in 2023

Are you wondering How To Clean A Cricut Mat and make it adhesive again? This article is a cheat sheet of how you can clean your mat and cut the costs of getting a new one.

The Cricut mats are usually sticky to help hold materials in place when going through the Cricut machine. After using your mat for quite some time (about 50 days), you’ll realize that it has lost its stickiness and gained lots of dust. At this point, you might feel like throwing it away and making a trip to the store to get another one.

The trip consumes your precious time and costs you some money. Therefore, we came up with some excellent tips and tricks to help you clean your mat.

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How Often Should A Cricut Mat Be Cleaned?

As soon as you notice some dirt on your Cricut mat. We can’t estimate how often you will need to clean your mat because you might use it once a week while someone uses theirs every day.

You must clean the mat frequently if you use your Cricut machine daily. Another factor that determines how often you need to clean your machine is the materials you use.

How To Clean Your Cricut Mat

Light Cleaning Methods

Light cleaning methods are best used to clean the mat after every project. For light cleaning, you will need the following:

  • Baby wipes
  • Scrapper tool
  • Lint roller

How to Clean A Cricut Mat Using Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are good for wiping the mat because they don’t tamper with the adhesive. The good thing is that these wipes are easily available. We highly recommend that you use alcohol-free wipes. When wiping the mat, do it in circular motions.

You can use just one wipe if your mat isn’t soo dirty or use a few of them depending on how dirty your mat might be.

How To Clean A Cricut Mat Using A Scrapper Tool

After several projects, debris and the remains of materials might drop on the mat and require something to scrap it off. You can use the scrapper tool to scrap the large particles of dirt off. Gently run the scrapper tool edges over the mat to remove the debris.

How To Clean A Cricut Mat Using A Lint Roller

Simply roll a lint roller over the Cricut mat to remove leftover material from the mat after finishing your projects.

Intermediate Cricut Mat Cleaning Methods

The Methods we’ve shared above are only ideal for cleaning small dirt and dust left on your mat. This section has brilliant methods you can use to clean your mat if the above methods fail.

Cleaning A Cricut Mat With Dishwasher Soap

The best thing about this method is you’re using the available resources. The only thing you need to avoid here is any dishwasher that contains oil or lotions.

  • Using a plastic scrapper tool, clean the mat
  • Place the mat on your kitchen counter
  • Gently scrub the using a soft dish cloth using dishwashing soap and warm water.
  • Allow the mat to dry completely before using it again

Advanced Cricut Mat Cleaning Methods

Is your mat greasy with loads of dirt, and you’re wondering how to clean it? This section has the answer to your question.

As expected, you might need to spare a few bucks to purchase a designated Cricut mat cleaning spray. The spray is used by many creatives to clean their Cricut mats and is also known as LA’s Totally Awesome cleaner.

Although most of them swear by it, we have heard a few people say that this spray can remove the mat’s stickiness.

How To Clean A Cricut Mat Using LA Awesome Spray

  • Spray your mat with the Awesome spray
  • Let it sit for around 10 minutes
  • Take a scrapper tool and gently remove the dirt from the surface of the mat
  • Rise the mat with warm water
  • Allow it to dry before using it again

How To Make A Cricut Mat Sticky Again

Instead of throwing your Cricut away, you can just clean it up and restore its stickiness. However, this trick might not work for damaged or old mats.


  • Clean your Cricut mat using a scrapper tool and ensure that you’ve removed every debris
  • Tape off the edges of the Cricut mat. Ensure the outer border is fully protected.
  • Now go ahead and apply the adhesive
  • Let the mat dry for 15 minutes

How To Clean A Cricut Mat:Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean the Felt off of a Cricut mat?

Apart from cleaning the mat, you are also required to clean other things like the Felt off. This is the hardest part to clean. You can clean the felt by backing the felt sheet with freezer paper. Place the freezer paper side down on the mat to hold the felt in place as the machine cuts. After you’re done cutting, you can remove the freezer paper.

How do I clean a Pink Cricut mat?

The pink mat is the most delicate Cricut mat, and it does require lots of care when cleaning it because you can easily wipe out the adhesive. Unlike other mats, you can not scrap this mat, but you can simply use a pair of tweezers to pick up debris from it. Avoid using Awesome spray or any other harsh sprays to clean a pink Cricut mat.

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