How to change Artboard size in Illustrator

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In this article we will look at How To Change Artboard Size In Illustrator.

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In this new section of our blog, we will cover some basic illustrator and Photoshop tutorials hope they will be of help to you in your journey as a graphic designer or digital artist.

How To Change Artboard Size In Illustrator

When you open the software, you will have a blank grey screen. At this point you have no working space and you need to create a new artboard as you start your project. You can set the size by going to File>New> or Ctrl+N on Pc and CMD + N on Mac.

A pop up window will appear that will prompt you to input the number of artboards or workspaces you want, size and units of measurement such as millimeters, centimeters, Picas etc. There is also an option to choose the color modes you want, whether RGB or CMYK, plus the resolution you want.

The orientation helps with landscape and portrait artboards and you can switch as you want. The bleed area is a small area outside the artboard that helps avoid a white line forming when printed work is trimmed. For colors at the edge, you can set them to go a little like 3mm beyond the artboard

How To Change Artboard Size In Adobe Illustrator

If you have opened a file that already has an artboard, go to Window> Artboards, then from the Artboards panel, click the icon on the far end to bring out the Artboard options menu. You can then set the size from here.

You will however not be able to set the units of measurement on this option, only the size and orientation. To change the dimension units, click CTRL + R or CMD + R on Mac, a ruler will pop up on the edges, right click on it and set your desired units eg inches or millimeters.

How To Change Artboard Size In Adobe Illustrator

What is the shortcut to change the Artboard size in Illustrator?

You can also click the shortcut is SHIFT+O and then drag one end of the artboard to increase or decrease size. However, if you want to be a professional in this field, please consider checking out, Best online Adobe Illustrator Classes.

The course has 2 parts one for beginners ( Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals ) and the mastery course.

Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals

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  • Draw in Illustrator with shapes and lines and create custom logos easily
  • Master the use of Type and Fonts to create a postcard and other designs
  • Use CC libraries, free templates and the Adobe Capture App confidently
  • Work with and create advanced effects and patterns
  • Save an export your work for a range of different outputs

What You Will Learn

  • How to set up your workspace for an efficient workflow
  • How to draw using the shape builder, pen, pencil and curvature tools
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  • How to curve type around a badge and break apart or destroy text and fonts
  • The basics of RGB and CMYK, how to use the dropper to pick up colors, find colors using Color Theme and how to create interesting gradients
  • How to mask an image inside text and cut holes in shapes using compound shapes
  • How to distort, bend, warp and vectorize an image

Adobe Illustrator Mastery

Take your Adobe Illustrator skills to the next level with this advanced course designed to dramatically enhance your existing skills.

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  • Connect Spreadsheets to make beautiful graphs and charts
  • Perfect your drawing skills in Illustrator
  • Use advanced keyboard shortcuts like an industry professional
  • Master advanced repeating pattern swatches and typography with advanced font tricks
  • Use Illustrator for Web and UI design

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