How to cancel Photoshop subscription?

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Photoshop monthly subscription is the new way you can use Photoshop CC. However if at any point you need to know How to cancel Photoshop subscription, this article is for you.  

Adobe software is some of the leading programs when it comes to graphic design and computer-aided graphics. In the past, designers used to buy products and get a one-time key. In recent times, however, Adobe Cloud has scrapped the need for a one-off payment and you can now subscribe for a monthly or annual rate that is a little cheaper.

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How to cancel Photoshop subscription?

Log in to your Adobe Creative Cloud Account

How to cancel Photoshop subscription

Go to Plans then choose manage program and select cancel

How to cancel Photoshop subscription

You will be prompted to sign in to your account again

image 5

Enter a reason for cancellation. Adobe will suggest changing your plan which you can ignore. Finally, proceed to cancel.

image 6

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