How to Cancel an Adobe Subscription in 5 steps

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Adobe suite is one of the most professional-level software collections for creatives all over the world. You need to subscribe at a monthly fee. If you however wish to stop the subscription, it is a little tricky for beginners. Today I will show you How to Cancel an Adobe Subscription in 5 steps.

Kindly note that this does not apply if you did not get the subscription from Adobe. If this is so, contact the store you purchased from and ask for guidance.

Moreover, if it is a switch on the plans you need, you can do it without necessarily canceling the subscription.

5 steps How to Cancel Adobe Subscription

  1. Log in to your Adobe Account
  2. At the top of the page, click on the ”plans” tab
  3. Click on ”management plan” for the specific subscription you want to cancel
  4. Click on “plan payment”
  5. Click on ”cancel plan” and choose a reason for canceling.

There you go, you have successfully canceled the adobe subscription. If you wish to do this online, click here. However, this also does not work for a cancellation of a Creative Cloud Team subscription.

How to Cancel Creative Cloud Team subscription

In order to cancel a Creative Cloud Team subscription, you have to follow a different set of instructions.

  1. Click on ”adobe Customer care”.
  2. Select Adobe Admin console
  3. Click on ”chat” and follow the steps provided by the customer care

One thing you should know is that once you have canceled the Creative Cloud Team subscription, you can no longer access the Creative Cloud applications or services included in the subscription.

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