How To Add Bleed in Illustrator in 4 easy steps

In this article, I will show you How to add bleed in illustrator, and why it is important. Before we get into it, it is important to explain what the bleed area is and why it is important.

Sometimes when you print a document that has images or solid colors running up to the edge of the page, a white area is left out when you trim. To solve this problem, you need to add a bleed area on your document before you print. This is How to do it.

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How to add bleed in Adobe illustrator

  1. Go to File> Document Set Up. Short Cut: ALT>CONTROL>P
How To Add Bleed in Illustrator
  1. A menu dialogue will pop up, under Bleed and Slug set the bleed amount you need. This may vary from document to document. For example 3 mm bleed is perfect for a business card but not for a Hard Case book cover.
  2. Click Ok. You will notice a red border added outside the artboard size. This is the Bleed area.
How To Add Bleed in Illustrator
  1. If you can not see the red border, Go to View>Show Guides.

How to add bleed Area to your design

After introducing the bleed to the document you need to add it to your design. 

  1. Set your document artboard size
How To Add Bleed in Illustrator
  1. Any solid color coming up to the edge should run up to the red bleed line border.
  2. When saving the document, make sure to include the bleed area in the final output.
How To Add Bleed in Illustrator

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