How much do graphic designers make in 2023

Are you wondering how you can make make money out of your creativity? This post is for you. We will attempt to answer the question, How much do graphic designers make? We will also explain the many possible ways of making money as a graphic designer.

To begin with, the internet has revolutionized this career and taken it to greater heights. This has led to competition.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics – BLS; there has been an exponential growth in the employment of graphic designers in workspaces. Although the growth rate is slow in comparison to other careers, it has gone up. At 4% growth per year.

It is for that reason that we look into, graphic design as a path to make money. Career opportunities in graphic designing as well ways to increase your earnings among many more. As an aspiring graphic designer, this post is for you. Let’s dive in:

Who is a graphics designer?

This is a professional visual communicator. Who comes up with a concept in their head, and brings it to life using graphic designing software. These concepts or ideas are usually meant to inform, inspire or captivate the target consumers. They are packaged as physical or virtual art forms – taking the shape of words, images, illustrations, or graphics.

How to become a Good Graphic Designer

Sketching, drawing, or illustration skills

It gets down to creativity. It can be innate creativity or acquired creativity through learning.  The bottom line is to have the ability to conceptualize an idea and work it out to the very end.

Excellent research skills

Over time, techniques and trends are evolving. It means as a designer, you are constantly learning. This ensures one is in per with the client’s objectives, and new strategies and is willing to dig up new insights.

Good time management

Most of the tasks in this career are time. bound. usually with tight deadlines. As a graphic designer, one needs the ability to meet tight deadlines as well be able to multitask over different projects.

Attention to detail

As a visual communicator you need to have an eye for detail. As these projects are usually for the communication of something in particular. On cannot afford to get any spelling wrong, incomplete sentences, or wrong choice of the image among other errors. To avoid miscommunication of the subject matter.

Proper verbal communication

One must possess excellent oral and written communication skills. Because as a graphic designer, you have to collaborate with other departments or clients. You ought to have the ability to express yourself clearly in writing or speaking. To clients and fellow workmates.

Currently, you will note that some organizations have their own customized software. As a designer, you are expected to be a fast learner and have the basics of any graphic designing software.

What are the responsibilities of a graphic designer?

As a graphic designer, you are expected to collaborate with other professionals for the success of any project. They will mostly work with the digital marketing, copywriters, multimedia, art director, and web designing departments.

What are their responsibilities:

  1. Set up meetings with clients or art directors to understand the scope.
  2. Inform on the how and when of the design message.
  3. Conceptualize the direction the messages should take.
  4. Create the right images for the concept for the purposes of conveying messages.
  5. Come up with visuals, audio images, logos, websites, or product illustrations
  6. Choose colors, text fonts, images, and layouts.
  7. Present the drafts to the clients or in charge.
  8. Make any necessary changes, and review the drafts for any possible errors. Before they are published or printed.

Available Jobs for graphic designers

If you are looking to take it up as a career, then you have multiple avenues you can pursue: they include:

  1. Logo designing
  2. Creative director
  3. Web designing
  4. Social media content designing
  5. Advertisement designing
  6. Informational graphics
  7. Photo editing.

It offers a wide range of career options you can pick from. In line with that, you will also find that some employers look for graphic designers with specific skills. For example, publication designers, merchandise designers, packaging designers, and sometimes content developers.

How to make money as a graphics designer

To begin with, graphic designing is a lucrative career whose demand has risen over time. As a result of the changes in how information is consumed In the current world. It will all depend on how creative you can become.

The main channels you can work are self-employment, in-house, or agency.

As an in-house graphic designer, you work as part of the company’s internal creative team.

As an agency graphic designer one is hired for a business that specifically offers design services. Normally these tasks are project based and contracts.

Finally, self-employment is the other option. In this case, you have control over who you want to work with. You choose your clientele.

You can join platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr where you can share your skills and offer services.

Other ways of making money as As a graphic designer.


Having an in-house designer is expensive. A lot of medium and small size businesses prefer hiring freelance designers.  You can find them on platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr. You can make money if you position yourself on these platforms.

Through Canva

Canva templates have been a go-to quick fix for individuals who don’t know how to design. Therefore you can create Canva templates and sell them on Canva.

Social media graphics

Businesses can not do without social media currently. Survival entirely depends on the creation of eye-catching visuals. To capture, engage or sell. Thus creating and selling social media graphics, will earn you money.


If you have an eye for creating beautiful fonts, then this is for you. There are tons of websites such as Creative Market, and Etsy among others that can help you market and sell your fonts. Which equals money.

Train the skill

If sharing information and knowledge is your Forte. Then take advantage of creating information, teach and charge your students. You can do this by creating online workshops or physical classes near you. Persuade people to take up the courses and you can make money from the training.

How much does a Graphic designer make per hour?

As a graphic designer, you will make a respectable amount of money regardless of how you choose to make money through it.

According to The US Bureau of labor and statistics, the standard wage of a graphic designer is 28.06$ per hour.

As a freelancer, you might earn up to 29.92$ per hour according to pay scale data.

To make a meaningful living out of graphic designing it is recommended to take up multiple projects. It will not only increase your earnings, it will also improve your skills as much as build your portfolio.

How much does a Graphic designer make per year?

You might note some variations in the overall money made per year according to different sources. For example data according to Indeed- states an average of 51,588$/year. While Payscale averaged the basic salary per year to 47,085$.

Over time, depending on your level of experience you might have a pay increment. For instance, some art directors who start off as graphic designers will make more money in comparison to what is mentioned as time goes on.

How to kick-start a career in graphic design

Having gone through what you can make as a graphic designer, what you need to be a graphic designer, and what career paths you can take. Let’s delve into how you can get into the career. Here are some career pointers.

  • 1. Get professional training.
  • You can go the professional school way or self-learn in case of limited resources. While it may be tempting to self-learn the skills online. It might limit your learning experience and you should wary of this direction if you want to be professional.
  • 2. Learn the graphic design software programs available.
  • 3.  Create an online presence on your website
  • 4. Create both online and offline networks by attending networking events.
  • 5. Create a profile on LinkedIn and other job search platforms and be active.

Additionally, share your portfolio on websites such as Dribble, and Behance that are graphic design related. These platforms allow you to learn as well as increase possible chances of getting hired.

Keep learning about the industry. It includes hanging out with professionals as they can provide you with relevant information that can guide you as you pursue this career.

How to make more money

Making money is one way, maximizing your earnings is something else. How do you increase that paycheck?

  • 1. Choose a profitable niche- by doing all the necessary research.
  • 2. Sharpen your graphic design skills by joining the right programs.
  • 3. Create, update and share your portfolio.
  • 4. Design a unique product i.e course, merchandise design, website, and sell your skills.
  • 5. Be active online on relevant platforms such as LinkedIn to get noticed.

Wrap up

You have understood who is a graphic designer, and what makes one. Also what opportunities are available for a graphic designer. Including how to maximize your income.  This is just the tip of the iceberg, you can explore other learning materials to enhance your productivity as a graphic designer. For example, you can start learning how to design a logo. Or learn the graphic design software available. Keep learning, and you will be the best.

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