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How to Become a graphic designer without a Degree

In this article, I will show you How to become a graphic designer without a degree. Graphic Design is a very important skill to have especially in the new digital age. 

However, it is one of those hands-on careers that you do not require papers to prove your work but a complete understanding of the skill. This makes it possible to learn it without having to go through a conventional graphic design degree course. Here is how to do it.

Before we dive in, it is important to understand What Graphic design is and what it is not.

What is Graphic design?

Graphic design is a field of communication that applies art, text, shapes, videos, and images to create effective communication designs for organizations and brands. 

The person in charge of creating these designs and bringing the ideas to life is called a graphic designer.

The designs can be in different forms such as packaging design, signage, video and animation, social media designs, and many more. It is therefore important to know exactly which line of graphic design to venture into from the start.

Can You Become a graphic designer without a Degree?

Yes you can. Although it is not easy, below are some important steps to follow to become an effective designer without a degree.

  1. Learn the Principles of Design and Theory
  2. Master the different Graphic Design Tools
  3. Intern for Graphic Design
  4. Create a portfolio
  5. Promote your work

Learn the Principles of Design and Theory

The first and most important thing you need to do is to understand the principles of graphic design and design theory.

This will help you understand the field from a professional point of view. Ultimately, the principles just like any other field are very important.

The easiest way to learn design theory is by taking up a quick theory course on Fiverr Academy.

Master the different Graphic Design Tools

After understanding design theory and choosing the line of graphic design you want to pursue, it is now time to start learning how to use the relevant software.

Mastery of this software will determine how you work and your overall output. Fiverr Academy will provide different courses for different areas of graphic design. For example, if you are into printing, then Illustrator and Indesign are your ideal software.

For Photo editing, Adobe Photoshop is recommended.

Intern for Graphic Design

Once you know how to operate the required software, we recommend you volunteer as an intern for a couple of months at a busy graphic design firm.

Although this step is not a must, it will help you understand how to connect the technical skills you have to real client requirements. The internship does not have to be too long or paid. You will now have some works that you have created and can form a portfolio.

Create a portfolio

Collect your best work and combine them into a portfolio. Try to collect your best work and not just quantity but quality. You can upload it for free to Behance for people to view and contact you.

Join an online freelance platform where people can hire your services. I highly recommend Fiverr because I have been working with the platform for over 6 years now and can not regret it. Here is my profile

Promote your work

Come up with creative ideas on how to promote your work. This can include social media posts or paid advertising. Keep upgrading, learning, and growing your skills in the field.

Free Resources

As you learn, make sure to also take advantage of the many free resources available online such as YouTube or our tutorials page.

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