36 Famous Rap Album Covers of All time

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In this article, we will review some famous rap album covers that have come up over the years. If you are looking to hire a good artist or designer to develop your concept, we have reviewed 2 of the best at the end.

You can also check out our review for the best rap album cover designers for a wider choice.

The East coast and West coast Hip hop and Rap music totally dominated the 90s music scene. Together with the music, a culture developed based on the music and art to be depicted then and later on covers and merchandise such as t-shirts. The album covers mattered equally as much as the music to form one complete set of art.

Famous Rap Album Covers

Famous Rap Album Covers
Best Rap Album Covers

Famous Illustrated Rap Album Covers

Under this category, the designers have applied different kinds of styles to come up with iconic album covers that have withstood the test of time to remain outstanding and unique. A good example is the minimal style used on the below albums.

  1. Notorious B.I.G’s – Ready to die Album
  2. Kanye West, ‘808s & Heartbreak’
  3. Dr. Dre – Chronic
  4. Drake – Nothing Was the Same
Famous Rap Album Covers
Famous Rap Album Covers

We have previously done a review for the best cartoon rap album covers designers you can hire. The last 6 album covers above have applied the style to create iconic covers.

Best West Coast Rap Album Covers

Rap Album Covers
Best West Coast Rap Album Covers

Justkreativedesigns does not own rights to any of the images but we have borrowed the as a fair use policy. Our collection is not ordered from number 1 and so on, but was inspired by an organized list of 33 best hip hop album covers.

Best Album cover Designers for Hire

  1. Shaheengraphic – Best cartoon Rap Album Cover Designer
  2. dilshanfx – Best album cover art under 20$
  3. DenisMaina – Best Budget illustrated album cover
  4. Srgear 20$ flat rate Rap Album Cover Designer
  5. Srdesign4u – Best album cover art under 20$ option
  6. toinggraphicss
  7. Zalmarlt
  8. Hisham
  9. Degeha
  10. Justcreativek

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