GAOMON Drivers: 3 easy steps How to Download and Install

Whether you prefer Windows to Mac operating systems or vice versa, we will show you the process in which you can Download and install GAOMON Drivers to your device.

Installing drivers to a tablet may sound like a direct and easy process but making a mistake in the process may cause the tablet’s malfunction.

GAOMON driver download: Installing GAOMON Drivers for Windows


Step 1: Download GAOMON Drivers

Visit the GAOMON site and choose the drivers that fit your tablet best. You can click the link provided below to land yourself on the site.

Step 2: Install Drivers

Make sure all art programs like photoshop and anti-virus programs are closed. You can run the programs once the drivers are installed. Make sure you have deleted previous GAOMON drivers before installing the new ones.

Once downloaded, unzip the GAOMON driver package and choose the area of storage. Open the unzipped folder and right click on the GAOMON icon, and further select ‘‘Run as Administrator”  on the drop down menu provided.

Step 3; Installation Path

Continue the installation process provided in the program. (point to note; do not change the installation path. The default path should be Disk C).

Follow the process by clicking “Next” up to the Final option “Install’’. Congratulations, you have successfully installed the GAOMON tablet driver on your device.

Downloading and Installing GAOMON Drivers for Mac OS

Step 1; Download GAOMON Driver

Download GAOMON drivers for Mac OS from the link below. Choose the driver that best suits your tablet.

Step 2; Install Driver

Once you have downloaded it, click on the installation package and a box will pop up. Drag the “Gaomon Tablet” icon on the “Application” folder and hold until it enters into the package. Never in any circumstance double-click on the “Gaomon tablet” icon.

Step 3 ; Run the GAOMON Driver

Go to Application and click on “Gaomon tablet”. Double-click it in order to open and run the driver. Now GAOMON drivers are successfully installed and ready for use.

How to Uninstall GAOMON Drivers

Before you can install a new GAOMON driver, you will be required to uninstall the previously installed driver. If you are having trouble having it done, kindly follow the following procedure.

How to Uninstall GAOMON Driver in Windows

Method 1; Uninstall in Control Panel

Click start and on the left corner of your screen, you’ll see different options. Click on the control panel.

Once opened check if you can find the option “Programs and Features”. If not you can search for programs after opening the control panel.  Then click on “Uninstall a Program”.

Then find the GAOMON driver, right-click and click on “Uninstall” and wait until the folder is removed.

Method 2: Uninstall in Start

Click on start and then select “All Program”.

Look for the GAOMON folder and click on it. You will be provided with a number of options you can click on the “Uninstall Gaomon tablet” option and there you go, it is successfully uninstalled.

How to Uninstall GAOMON Drivers on Mac OS

Method 1; Uninstall from the Application

Go to ‘Finder’, then ‘Application and find the folder ‘Gaomon Tablet’.

Open the folder and select ‘TabletDriverUninstall’.

Finally, input your mac account code and you have successfully uninstalled the driver.

Method 2; Uninstall by grab-and-drop to Trash

Similar to the first method, go to ‘Finder’  and select ‘Application’ and find the‘Gaomon Tablet’ folder.

Then right-click it and select ‘Move To Trash”.

Finally, click on ‘Trash’ in the Dock and empty it.

It is important to note that before installing the new GAOMON driver, make sure you have uninstalled the earlier version and it is better to restart your computer before reinstalling.

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