What is the difference between an iPad and a tablet?

What is the difference between an iPad and a tablet? This question has come up countless times from many of our readers.

iPads are similar to Android and Windows tablets but have some distinct aspects that set them apart. In this article, we will explain the strengths and weaknesses of an iPad compared to a regular tablet.

It is aimed to help you clearly understand the difference and choose the best one for your work.

Is an iPad a Tablet?

iPad is a brand name manufactured by Apple to serve as small computers with a touch screen. After being introduced in 2010, their lightweight build proved advantageous for watching movies and videos, storing files, and playing games.

The difference in features is the main difference when it comes to the cost and with time, technologies have evolved the iPads into a lovely compact gadget. They further run courtesy of Apple’s IOS operating system only and use fast and powerful processors for more effectiveness.

Advantages of an iPad Compared to a Tablet

  1. Easily Portable
  2. iOS with iCloud storage
  3. Overall better specs
  4. Screen Display clarity and brightness
  5. Processing Power
  6. Sleek Design

Advantages of a tablet Compared to an iPad?

  1. Cheaper and comes with more free accessories such as S Pen and Pen Nibs
  2. Expandable Storage
  3. Simple Android Operating System
  4. Easy system compatibility with other

A tablet’s definition is simply a small touchscreen computer that is larger than an ordinary smartphone. It serves all the purposes of a smartphone and works quite impressively as a mini-computer.

As stated before, a number of companies produce drawing Tablets. The top brands include Wacom, Huion, and GAOMON just to mention a few. Most of these brands make drawing tablets that need a computer to use.

Android tablets and iPads are other alternatives for standalone and fully portable tablets. Although you can connect to a computer, they do not need a computer to use.

Tablets vary when it comes to operating systems, with popular ones including Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows, and Apple’s IOS.

iPad and tablet differences overview

difference between an iPad and a tablet


One of the main differences between iPads and drawing tablets is the company they are manufactured in. iPads are manufactured by Apple while drawing tablets are from various companies such as GAOMON, Wacom, Huion, XP-pen, and many others.

Type of Tablet

iPads all have an inbuilt computer and a screen, meaning they don’t need a computer connected to use. Drawing tablets on the other hand come in different types. Most brands create drawing tablets with screens but no computer such as GAOMON PD1161 from GAOMON.

However, older brands such as Wacom and Huion have in recent years come up with their own standalone tablets that are not computer-dependent.

Operating Platform

All iPads run on Apple’s IOS while tablets use different operating systems such as Android, Microsoft’s Windows, and Apple’s IOS.

When it comes to online videos and videos, iPads do not support Flash videos and Flash games, while Tablets fully support them.

Multitasking is a task that most users prefer, and Apple’s iPad downplays this role. Tablets on the other hand allow you to interact with multiple applications to the maximum.

Software compatibility

Although iPads exhibit a load of software as compared to tablets, they are not compatible with most software in the market. Tablets come as a shell, with little software, and allow you to take your path on what software you need.

Body and Build

iPads feature an impressive premium build on all their products with a variety of color options and features. Alternatively, since Tablets are a result of different companies, the nature of the build can be quite difficult to establish but what is obvious is the higher the budget, the better the build.

Tablet vs iPad specifications

Generally, iPads have better specifications compared to tablets. For example, iPads have larger internal storage as compared to tablets, allowing the saving of large files and software.

On the topic of files and programs, it is however easier to transfer files using a tablet as compared to iPads. iPads, as most of Apple products’ protection measures limit most transfer protocols hence making it difficult as compared to the easy-use tablets.

When it comes to budget, iPads are quite expensive as compared to tablets, but tablets also have their own chain of expensive gadgets made by either features or background companies.

Difference between an iPad and a tablet: Which is one Better iPad or Tablet?

We promised you an honest opinion on Which is Better between iPad or the Tablet. Honestly, it all depends on user preference.

iPads are impressive, premium products from one of the best well-rated companies. The IOS operating system and a quality screen display technology are one of their greatest advantages.

On the bad side, they are not compatible with a list of likable software and compatibility features. Tablets on the other hand fall into different budget ranges and this helps you work with what your pocket can afford. They are additionally easy to use with a maximum compatibility scale.

Tablets however are produced by numerous companies posing a problem when looking for the best one. Other differences fully depend on user preference and likes.


  1. Which is better iPad or tablet?

    iPads are more powerful compared to regular tablets. They are however expensive and rigid when it comes to storage expandability. You have to buy a new one to upgrade storage space. Android Tablets on the other hand are cheaper and their memory can easily be expanded using an external Micro SD card.

  2. Which Apple iPad Alternative from Android?

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra is the best Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch alternative. Although it comes close, the iPad still edges it out with a better brightness level and screen.

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