Corel Draw Vs Illustrator Which one is Best for You?

If you are a graphic designer, you probably have asked yourself the question of which is better in a Corel Draw Vs Illustrator contest. 

Well the answer coming from me may be a little biased as a regular Illustrator user. However, I have made sure to compare all aspects of both of them and let you make the decision.

From our last article on Adobe Illustrator Vs Photoshop, you pretty much know what Illustrator is. If you do not, then Illustrator is a vector-based graphic design software. 

You can use Illustrator to create shapes, draw, and design Posters, Fliers, Banners, and many similar graphics. Corel Draw is a similar software that will allow you to do the same things Illustrator would. 

Corel Vs Illustrator

Differences between CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator

Overview: Popular software for creating vector art and drawingOverview: Professional software for vector art, drawing, logos, icons, and illustration design.
User-friendliness: Simple and easy for beginnersUser-friendliness: Professional and slightly complicated
Tools: Wide range of tools for drawing vectors and digital art.Tools: Comprehensive tools for logos, icons, and illustration creation
Price: Both subscription and one-off buy. 22$ per month and 269$ per year subscription charge. Has a 30-day cash-back guarantee. Reliable support.Price: Professional software for vector art, drawing, logos, icons, and illustration design.
Integration: MACOS, Windows, LinuxIntegration: MACOS, Windows, iOS

Below are some key similarities and differences between CorelDraw and Illustrator based on pricing, user interface, Compatibility, Learning Ease, and support availability.

Both Illustrator and CorelDraw allow you to draw freehand vector graphics using different tools. 

Corel Draw Vs Illustrator: Features

Illustrator uses the Pen tool, brush, smooth, and pencil tool while CorelDraw combines these 4 tools in one tool that is the Live Paint tool.

When it comes to features, CorelDraw generally offers a wide range of tools and features for drawing and vector graphics. Illustrator offers more comprehensive tools that help in creating logos, icons, and illustrations.

The drawing process on both software can be made more accessible by including a drawing tablet in your drawing gear.

CorelDraw has a simpler interface and is considered to be more user-friendly. Illustrator on the other hand is a little more professional and complicated in terms of the user interface. It may be complicated for most beginners.

Compatibility & Integration

Earlier versions of CorelDraw were not compatible with MACOS. That has however since changed. You can now use Corel on MAC. Both applications are compatible with Windows and macOS.

Illustrator also works with iOS which is not compatible with CorelDraw. Similarly, Corel works with Linux which is not compatible with Illustrator.

Illustrator works seamlessly with other software such as Photoshop and other Adobe Creative Cloud Apps. CorelDraw is a little less flexible when it comes to integrating with other Apps.

Pricing Plans and Support

Older versions of Illustrator and CorelDraw used to offer one-off buy options where they gave you a serial key for your software.

Corel retains this system and adds a subscription-based purchase. You can either buy a one-off or a regular subscription. 

Illustrator is now offered on a monthly or annual subscription-only basis. You can choose from a number of subscription options for 19$ per month or 239.88$ per year.

Overall Corel Draw is slightly more expensive than Illustrator with a 22$ per month and 269$ per year subscription charge.

My Opinion

You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee for CorelDraw plus reliable customer support. Illustrator offers a large community resource and customer support too.

Adobe Illustrator is the overall winner in terms of compatibility, user interface, and support. However, the choice between Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW depends on your daily workflow, budget, and preference for a clean UI or handy tools.

Adobe Illustrator is highly recommended for graphic design professionals working with vectors, complex designs, and illustrations. It excels in creating branding materials and logos. It is a powerful tool used in professional graphic design.

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It offers a wide range of features and allows for resizing designs without losing quality. Adobe Illustrator is available through an annual plan option.

On the other hand, CorelDRAW is more beginner-friendly and has a less steep learning curve, making it suitable for newcomers to graphic design. It can handle basic graphic design tasks and schematic drawings effectively. 

CorelDRAW offers both an annual plan and a one-time purchase option, which is beneficial for long-term use.

If you find it challenging to decide between the two, it is recommended to try out the free trials of both programs to determine which one suits your needs and preferences better.

Ultimately, the choice between Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW depends on your specific requirements, daily workflow, budget, and preference for a clean UI or accessible tools. 

Considering these factors will help you find the right tool for your creative work. Good luck with your decision

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Written by: Denis Maina

I am an experienced and skilled graphic designer with a strong focus on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. He specializes in creating a wide range of design materials, such as digital art, business cards, stationery, logos, flyers, posters, banner ads, brochures, PSD templates, and other graphics.

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