The Best Canon Camera For Professional Photography

Choosing the best canon camera is not easy mainly because of the many varieties available in the market. Whether you are looking for a DSLR, mirrorless or compact camera, Canon has something for you. Their cameras are designed to cater for different professional levels and it is important to understand exactly which level you fall under.

The Canon EOS R5 is the best pick for many professionals. If you are on a budget but still want a good camera we found the Canon EOS R10 to be the best pick.

7 Best Canon Cameras For Beginners

  1. Canon EOS Rebel SL3/EOS 250D – Best Overall
  2. Canon EOS R5: The best Canon DSLR Camera
  3. Canon EOS Rebel : Best Budget
  4. Canon EOS M200 – Best Mirrorless Canon Camera
  5. Canon PowerShot G7 Mark 11Best Canon for Vlogging
  6. Canon EOS Rebel T8i/850D – Best Camera For Beginners
  7. Canon EOS RP – Best Full Frame Canon Camera For Newbies

Canon EOS Rebel SL3/EOS 250D – Best Overall

  1. Camera Type: DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex)
  2. Sensor: 24.1 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C)
  3. Processor: DIGIC 8 image processor
  4. Video Recording: 4K recording capability
  5. Autofocus System: Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  6. LCD Screen: Vary-Angle LCD for selfies and fun angles
  7. Special Features: 4K time-lapse movies and Creative assist
  8. Portability: Small and light weight DSLR camera.

Although most people think DSLR cameras are complicated for beginners, we couldn’t help but give Canon EOS Rebel SL3 a trophy courtesy of its superb features. 

If you want to get serious about photography, consider this Rebel SL3 camera. First, the camera feels comfortable when you hold it and is easy to use. This camera is not the cheapest, but you also get high performance for its price, so it’s worth every coin. 

While we were accustomed to heavy DSLR cameras, Canon EOS Rebel SL3 might be the lightest DSLR we’ve ever tested. Besides that, you need a little guidance on how to use the camera as a beginner, and thus, you get a guided user interface that helps you get an idea of how to use this camera. 

The camera also features superb creative assist features that enable you to use creative effects. Like most siblings, EOS Rebel SL3 features a 24.1 MP APS-C sensor matched up with a Digix processor for better image quality. 

Canon EOS Rebel SL3 has a sharp and bright viewfinder just that it’s a little bit smaller than most DSLR cameras, but it’s great for its price. On the back of the camera is a vary-angle screen that you can use its touch to adjust settings like the focus point or switch to live view. 

This Rebel SL3 is perfect for shooting fast-moving objects and sports. You can also use the camera for stills and 4K video recording. 

Canon EOS Rebel SL3/EOS 250D - Best Overall
Image Credits: Nikon US


  • Compact design
  • Lightweight DSLR
  • Has a vary-angle touchscreen
  • Great controls
  • Superb live view autofocus response


  • Its four-way pad is small

Canon EOS M200 – Best Mirrorless Canon Camera

  • 24.1 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
  • DIGIC 8 Image Processor
  • Tilt Touchscreen
  • 720p and UHD 4K Video Recording
  • Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus
  • ISO 100-25600, 6.1 fps Shooting
  • Image Stabilization: Enhanced IS (Image Stabilization)
  • Built-In Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Self-Portrait Mode
  • 4K Time-Lapse recording
  • Camera Type: Compact digital camera

If you are looking for a compact, mirrorless camera, maybe for blogging or any other creative work, then you might have met your best companion. Canon EOS M200 is not a new name in the field of vlogging; it might surprise you that even your favorite vlogger owns one. 

As a beginner, you want a camera that is easy to use and offers quality photos and videos, and that’s what the EOS M200 is all about. This camera features an APS-C sensor and has a point-and-shoot style. 

With this M200, Canon brought the latest tech standards at a fair price. This mirrorless camera features a Digic 8 image processor and a 24mp APS-C sensor commonly found in pricey cameras. 

Its touchscreen display can be twisted upwards by 180 degrees, and features face recognition. Besides that, you get Bluetooth and WLAN connectivity for easy transfer of files. What we like the most is its intuitive interphase, making it easy for newbies to use the camera effortlessly. 

Canon EOS M200
Image source Cameras Africa


  • Small body
  • Many controls
  • Great image quality
  • Easy to setup and use


  • The housing could have been better

Canon EOS R5: The best Canon DSLR Camera

  1. Sensor: 45 Megapixels Full-frame CMOS
  2. 3.15-inch tilting Screen
  3. Touchscreen sensitivity
  4. 20 Frames per Second Continuous shooting speed
  5. Face-detection
  6. 100% and 5,940 horizontal autofocus

Canon EOS R5 is the best DSLR camera from Canon. It is one of the best cameras in this list with impeccable Autofocus, powerful and versatile features.

For still Photographs the camera will produce clean shots at 8K resolution but this might be slightly different for Video output.

You will have a cool touchscreen interface and reliable electronic viewfinder on the ergonomically designed body. This powerful camera features a long battery life and solid inbuilt image stabilization system or IBIS.

Unfortunately, this camera does not come cheap. Generally, the image quality will use up a lot of space and might need you to buy a dual memory card set up which can be expensive. This large file size will also result in recording limits when shooting videos


  • Long battery life
  • Reliable image stabilization system
  • Good autofocus system
  • Touch screen display


  • Expensive
  • Large file sizes

Canon EOS Rebel : Best Budget

  •  Dimensions: 5.1 inches L x 4 inches W x 3.1 inches H
  •  Weight: 1.04 pounds
  • Camera Type: DSLR
  • Resolution24.1 MP
  • Aspect Ratio: 17:9 up to 1080p

Canon EOS Rebel is an easy-to-use and very affordably priced camera. It is our choice for the best camera for beginners. The image quality produced by this DSLR camera is great thanks to the large 24.1-megapixel sensor. This is exactly the same sensor found in the more expensive Canon 80D which is more than double the price at 1300$.

You will be able to capture images in clear HD 1080p at 30 frames per second. It also does slow-motion shoots at 720p and 60 frames per second. After shooting, sharing online is fast and easy by connecting the Canon Camera Connect app with your smartphone. You have a 3-inch LCD screen which is large enough for navigation and sharing using the inbuilt WIFI connectivity.

Fast 3 fps autofocus allows you to record sharp high-quality pics without the hustle of focusing every frame or scene. The autofocus may not be the best however for videos and it tends to move unprofessionally.  

This means that you can produce high-quality images very fast. Unfortunately, this camera has a smaller processor and may not be ideal for shooting high-speed sporting activity because it is not fast enough.

Thanks to Canon color science technology, images appear in high quality as if they have already been edited. What is awesome is that it carries this rich color trait in the video too.

 Whether in high or low light conditions, the Canon EOS Rebel produces sharp and high-quality videos. The downside is that this camera lacks image stabilization on the body and lens. It may produce perfect images but may be shaky on the videos.

This camera does not have an external mic input and all audio you will use will be from the camera’s internal audio.


  • Good video quality
  • Realistic color with excellent sharpness in the scene
  • Superb ergonomics
  • Great quality build
  • Comes with a popup flash unit


  • No feature set to match entry-level DSLRs

Canon PowerShot G7 Mark 11 – Best Vlogging Camera

The PowerShot G7 Mark 11 camera, as we’ve mentioned above, is a versatile camera with a high level of performance like most DSLRs and may even beat some of them. 

Before discussing the good things, it’s worth mentioning that this camera might not be the best choice if you plan to use it for aggressive photography. The camera lens can get covered by dust pretty fast, and the body cannot take falls too bad the chassis is not too strong. 

Now on the positives, the PowerShot G7 Mark 11 camera can be used manually or as a point-and-shoot camera or even something in between. For point-and-shoot, you can choose the ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.

For quick adjustments, the camera features a front lens ring that lets you shoot raw formatted images which is a plus. The photo resolution ranks 5472 by 3648, and a video resolution of 1080p at 59.94fps (assuming you aren’t interested in slow motion or 4k).

Another thing we loved is that this camera also features a flip screen which is a plus for a vlogger or any videographer. 


  • Has a Digic 7 processor
  • High ISO range
  • Has a manual customizing ring
  • FHD 1080p video recording at 60fps
  • Has a 3-inch LCD screen


  • Does not support 4k video recording

Canon EOS Rebel T8i/850D – Best DSLR Canon Camera For Beginners

  1. Camera Type: Compact digital camera
  2. Sensor: 1.0-inch 20.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor
  3. Lens: Bright f/1.8–2.8 lens
  4. Processor: DIGIC 7 Image Processor
  5. Autofocus System: Improved autofocus tracking
  6. Image Stabilization: Enhanced IS (Image Stabilization)
  7. ISO Performance: Superb image clarity even at high ISO
  8. Continuous Shooting: 8 fps High-speed continuous shooting
  9. Video Recording: Full HD capability
  10. Connectivity: Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC
  11. In-Camera Features: In-camera RAW conversion

The Rebel T8i/850D is the upgrade of the EOS Rebel T7i /800D, with its notable addition being the 4K video recording. Although most people consider it an entry-level DSLR camera, this Rebel T8i/850D camera is powerful and capable. 

Physically, the Rebel T8i/850D looks bigger than most mirrorless and even DSLRs, but it still feels comfortable. The camera features a 24.1 MP sensor offering excellent image quality rich in color and detail. 

Its autofocus is not bad for an entry-level camera, and it also has a polished vary-angle touchscreen and 7fps continuous shooting. Regarding handling, the camera offers a great handgrip and is also lightweight. 

The body is made of plastic, and it has a beginner-friendly guided manual that helps you get acquainted by providing instructions on how to use various shooting modes. Its battery is also something to mention because it offers you 800 shot batter life while using a viewfinder.


  • Great reliable autofocus
  • Good form factor
  • Long battery life
  • Good image quality
  • 4K video recording
  • Vary-angle touchscreen


  • Small viewfinder display

Canon EOS RP – Best Full Frame Canon Camera

  1. Camera Type: Mirrorless camera
  2. Lens: RF24-105mm F4-7.1 IS STM
  3. Zoom Range: Versatile zoom range suitable for capturing different subjects
  4. Macro Capability: Maximum magnification of 0.5x using Center Macro Focus, allowing photos from as close as one inch away
  5. Autofocus System: Leadscrew-type STM motor for smooth autofocusing
  6. Image Stabilization: Optical image stabilization with up to 5 stops of shake correction
  7. Control Features: Control ring for quick setting changes, including shutter speed and aperture
  8. Design: Compact and lightweight RF-series kit

Although it doesn’t come at a low price tag, this Canon EOS RP is the best full-frame camera you can purchase at that price. This camera became popular in 2019, all thanks to its large sensor, ample controls and small body. 

Canon doesn’t mention this camera as weather resistant, so you might want to use it in low dust and low precipitation conditions to prevent damage. The camera feels comfortable on your hands whether you’re using a grip or not.

This full-frame camera gives you 26.2 MP resolution, offering superb image quality, and its optical image stabilization offers you five stops of image shake reduction. 

Its autofocus is decent, and it performs incredibly under low-light conditions. The AF uses 143AF zones at 88% frame coverage. Our only issue is the 5fps continuous shooting speed, which seems ridiculously low but might be good for a newbie. 


  • Has a full-frame sensor
  • Has a vary-angle screen
  • Compact body
  • Wi-Fi connectivity


  • Small battery

How to Choose the Best Canon Cameras For Beginners?

How to Choose the Best Canon Cameras For Beginners?

Type Of Camera

First, you need to identify the type of camera you want, whether it’s a mirrorless, DSLR or compact camera. Mirrorless features the latest tech, like electronic shutters and viewfinders. On the other hand, DSLRs offer classic performance and are much more reliable. If you want a camera that you can easily slide into your pockets, you can bet on compact cameras. 


Sensor resolution plays a huge role in image quality, although other factors come into play too. A camera with a higher resolution indicates that you’ll get a better image and video quality. 


For outdoor photography in sports or wildlife, autofocus is an essential feature. Autofocus helps track your object so that you capture the exact picture you want. 

ISO Range

ISO range is another important feature for shooting in low-light situations. A camera with a wider ISO range offers you broader shooting options. If you love shooting in the dark, you might need a camera with a wide ISO range to adjust to lower levels when shooting in daylight. 

What are The Best Canon Cameras For Professional Photography?

  1. Canon EOS Rebel SL3/EOS 250D – Best Overall
  2. Canon EOS R5: best DSLR Camera
  3. Canon EOS Rebel : Best Budget
  4. Canon EOS M200 – Best Mirrorless
  5. Canon PowerShot G7 Mark 11 – Best Vlogging
  6. Canon EOS Rebel T8i/850D – Best For Beginners
  7. Canon EOS RP – Best Full Frame Camera
  1. Why Should A Beginner Choose A Canon Camera?

    Several brands exist, but you would rather step into photography with a renowned brand because you’re sure your money is safe there. We don’t just stick to Canon because other companies like Nikon, Fujifilm and Sony also produce quality products, but it’s easier to get a newbie-friendly camera from Canon. 

  2. What Canon cameras do most photographers use?

    Canon EOS Rebel SL3Canon EOS R5Canon EOS RebelCanon EOS M200Canon PowerShot G7 Mark 11Canon EOS Rebel T8i/850DCanon EOS RP

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