How to start Building your Personal Brand

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In this article I will explain steps that you will use in building your brand to be attractive and respected among clients and target groups. At the end of this article you will learn:

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Discover Your Brands Target Market

You target market are a group of people that face a problem that you can help them solve or a goal that you can help them achieve. Your Target market is also referred to as your niche market. Your ability to help them with this is based on a skill or technical ability you know that you possess. Please note down this 3 factors because they form the basis of your personal Brand.

  • 1. Have a problem you can help them solve
  • 2. Have a goal you can help them achieve
  • 3. Have skills that you can use to achieve this

You will listen to people asking questions like, how can I do this? If you have skills that answer such a question it tells you that you they fall in your Target Market. As you prepare your target group, you need to consider that your Target group should be a large enough so that they can sustain you as a business.

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How you will make money from your Target Market

Making money is based on the economy principals that you will be rewarded for solving someone’s problem. Your niche market or Target group will reward you for solving their problem. You will apply your skills, expertise and knowledge to rid them of their problem or achieve their goals and they will pay. Transfer skills you have learnt elsewhere to solve your target group’s needs.

The easiest and most effective way is to make a list of skills you possess or have used previously to solve problems.

For example: There is a solution you provide in your job, internship, home, during volunteer work at church, community activity, in projects, to help friends and family solve problems and many more. Write as many as you can.

Use skills you already have as your transferable skills to help and support your niche to solve problems they have or achieve goals they have.  If you can not find any, try to go to YouTube and look for something that you can learn and grow into a professional.

Who are my target Market

You need to find people with questions that you have a solution to. Take a look at what you currently do or have studied. Clearly understand what you can do or skills you apply in your job from day to day for clients. With the growth of social media and the online space it is easy to get a target group that require your services. Here are some ideas you can use to find and study your target market.

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How to use Facebook and Quora to study target niche.

Go to Facebook and join different groups that talk about your chosen problem or needs. Look at the kinds of questions people are talking about or have faced in the comments and posts. Note the most asked areas and questions. You will know what main problems your target face as and compare with the skills you have

Quora is a website where people ask questions and readers answer if they know the answers. Look for the questions asked about your niche and note the common ones.

Start and Package a personal Brand

Set up your best skills so that your audience can see your solutions? Highlight your best skills that bring value to your niche market so that your target group sees you and notices the solution you provide.

You have learnt through any of the methods you chose, what your clients need, how they need it done and what they do not like. You now need them to know you. Now that you know, what you can offer and who you want to offer it to.

Develop an identifiable look

First you need a brand name and look to go with so that people will identify you from others. Also as they move from platform to platform, you need to be represented by a logo and brand colors so that people know it is you.

Make this consistent always. For this you will need an expert to develop your brand name, brand logo and a market research expert. To do this you will need to hire some experts. Just search below and get them at awesome and varied rates. Please checkout our articles about How to make a Logo and What is the Cost for Logo Design will help with the first part of building your brand.

Make content posts that match your target markets problems and goals and offer solutions. This can be in different formats based on the platforms such as pictures, videos, long posts whichever format. Ensure it is easily consumable and that they communicate that you know and have the solution. You present yourself as a go to person for solutions they need. This is your personal brand.

Connect and reach your brands target

To reach and introduce yourself to your targets, you will need to join social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Linked in.

You can open an Instagram account and post content about your topic and connect with people who will make your target group. Please contact me and we can share more tips and ways to execute to your brands benefit. Just fill the form at the end of this article.

You basically understand their functional, emotional and technical needs so it is easy for you to communicate and offer your services or solutions to them. The functional needs refer to what they want you to do for them. Emotional needs are the need to feel supported and assisted through the process. They also know where to find you and who you are.

Next we will go through How to have the Mindset of a stand out personal Brand

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