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How to block youTube on Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon Fire Tablets are a popular choice for families, especially for kids, due to their affordability and built-in parental control features. 

If you want to ensure that YouTube access is restricted on your Amazon Fire Tablet, you can follow these steps to block both the YouTube application and access to the YouTube website through the browser.

Using Parental Controls on Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon Fire Tablets come equipped with a built-in parental control dashboard, making it easy for you to manage and customize your child’s tablet experience. 

Here’s how to block YouTube on your Amazon Fire Tablet:

Step 1: Access Parental Controls – Open the Settings app on your Amazon Fire Tablet. Tap on Parental Controls to begin the setup process.

Step 2: Input Your Password – You will be prompted to input your password to access the parental control settings. Enter your password and proceed.

Step 3: Configure Amazon Content and Applications – Select Amazon Content and Applications from the available options.

Step 4: Block Applications – Under Amazon Content and Applications, choose Applications and Games. Toggle the setting for YouTube from unblocked to blocked.

Step 5: Block the Web Browser – Navigate to the web browser settings within the parental control menu. Change the status from unblocked to blocked.

Step 6: Set Up Password Protection – Return to the main parental control settings and select Password Protection. Set a password that will be required to download new applications, including YouTube.

Step 7: Set Time Restrictions (Optional) – If you wish to control the hours when your child can access certain features, you can choose Set a Curfew and follow the prompts to set specific time restrictions.

Step 8: Save Your Settings – Confirm and save your settings, and your password will be set for added security.

Blocking YouTube on Amazon Fire TabletConclusion

These apps allow you to set time limits and schedules for app usage, helping you control your child’s access to YouTube and other applications.

By following these steps and setting up parental controls on your Amazon Fire Tablet, you can ensure a safer and more controlled environment for your child’s tablet experience, making it easier to manage their access to YouTube and other content.

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  1. How can I block access to YouTube on my Amazon Fire Tablet?

    You can block access to YouTube on your Amazon Fire Tablet by using the built-in parental controls. Follow the steps mentioned above to restrict YouTube access on the tablet.

  2. How do I set up parental controls to block YouTube?

    To set up parental controls on your Amazon Fire Tablet, go to Settings, then select Parental Controls. Turn on parental controls and customize the restrictions for web browsers and video content, including YouTube.

  3. Can I block YouTube access through a third-party app?

    Yes, it’s possible to block YouTube access using third-party apps like App Block – Stay Focused.

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